Coronation Street: Eva fights Johnny for custody of Aidan’s baby – Catherine Tyldesley interview

"She's ready to play hard ball!" warns the Street star


Coronation Street is rocked by the revelation that baby Susie Barlow is actually the daughter of Eva Price and the late Aidan Connor, and next week the truth about her parentage sparks off a custody battle between the little girl’s biological mum and the father’s grieving family.


Toyah Battersby confessed to partner Peter Barlow their newborn was nothing to do with surrogate Jacqui, who actually lost their child some months back, but was Eva’s who was convinced to hand over the child for Toyah to raise when she unexpectedly fell pregnant after her relationship with Aidan collapsed.

Aidan’s tragic death by suicide changed the situation and when Eva began to bond with the baby Toyah came clean and handed her back to Eva, but next week the Connors discover the truth and vow to fight to keep Aidan’s offspring in the ranks. Catherine Tyldesley, soon to depart the street as Eva, teases the battle ahead for baby Susie.


How does Eva feel about Toyah going back on their pact?
Initially she was completely shocked because she knew how desperate Toyah has always been for a family, but at the same time she is super relieved as deep down her mum instincts have kicked in towards Susie. She is also feeling the fear because it’s daunting, but the overwhelming feeling is relief.

If Toyah hadn’t have revealed the truth do you think Eva would have eventually?
Yes, one hundred percent. It was always going to come out and the chances were that it was going to be Eva because there was no way that she could have carried on, her maternal instinct is too strong.

Why does Eva decide to come clean to Adam about her pregnancy next week?
She does genuinely care about Adam. She doesn’t love him like she did with Aidan but she’s got a huge soft spot for him and he is offering that shoulder to cry on.


Is Eva ready to step up to the plate and become a mum to Susie?
Yes. Because it is Aidan’s baby and she’s lost Aidan and Susie looks so much like him, she just feels the need to be with Susie constantly and have that last little reminder of the man she loved.

What happens when Johnny storms in to the pub to confront Eva after Carla tells him the truth?
Eva can tell straight away that he knows, but from the moment Aidan took his own life she has wanted to tell the Connors, she knew it was a game-changer and they needed to know.

How does Eva react?
Although she is terrified and not sure how Johnny is going to react, she tells them exactly what has happened and hopes for the best. She wants Susie to know who her father was and for her to know her family.


What happens when Eva finds out Johnny has started custody proceedings?
She is completely shocked because when she first talks to Johnny he seems to react quite well and she thinks everything is going to be okay, but she is unaware he is hiding this overwhelming anger towards her. But Eva is her mother’s daughter and a fighter – she can give as good as she gets which surprises Johnny.

So is she ready to fight for her daughter?
Eva is so ready, she has already given her up once she is not prepared to lose her little girl again. She is ready to play hard ball, much to everyone’s shock. If it was me, nobody would ever take my little boy away – I would stop at nothing.


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