13 Doctor Who actors who played different characters in Torchwood

The best Whoniverse duplicates

7. Owen Teale

Time for a bit of a Game of Thrones section now, starting with Ser Alliser Thorne actor Owen Teale.


Teale’s second-ever acting credit was on Doctor Who, seeing him take the role of a guard called Maldak in classic 1985 episode Vengeance on Varos. Years later, he returned to his sci-fi roots for 2006 Torchwood episode Countrycide, where he played a cannibalistic villager called Evan Sherman.

8. Roger Ashton-Griffiths 


Game of Thrones actor number two is Roger Ashton-Griffiths (aka Mace Tyrell), who played a kindly teacher in 2006 Torchwood episode Random Shoes and a rebellious villager who was murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham in 2014 Doctor Who episode Robot of Sherwood.