Home and Away: Evie makes a move on Mason, while Kat resigns from the police force

12-16 September 2016: Plus Marilyn and John grapple with a shock change of heart


Monday 12 September


Kat hands in her police badge, telling Ash that this was the only way she could protect his secret and still live with herself. Despite being suspected of robbing John and Marilyn, Jordan realises that his father is changing for the better and makes a tough decision. Evie lets her hair down at the uni party, much to Matt’s concern. 

Tuesday 13 September

Kat’s world starts to come crashing down in the wake of her decision to resign. John and Marilyn are heartbroken when Jordan decides to go and live with his dad in the city. Evie lands herself in hot water with Zac when she turns up to school with a hangover from hell after partying all night with Mason. 

Wednesday 14 September

Kat realises that she and Ash have reached the end of the road and she calls time on their relationship. Nate is convinced he has missed his chance with Tori when he sees her and Duncan on a date. Alf berates Duncan when he finds out that he has not been paying his ex-wife child support. 

Thursday 15 September

Tori and Duncan grow closer together when they bond over their dysfunctional families. When Tabitha reports back to Olivia about her argument with Hunter, she lies and tells her that he made derogatory comments about her self-harming. Phoebe confronts Justin and asks him to move out, and when he demands an explanation, sparks fly. 


Friday 16 September

Nate blows his chance once and for all when he gets drunk and appears on Tori’s doorstep. Brody insists that Justin is only going to hurt Phoebe and warns her to stay away from him. Olivia falls for Tabitha’s manipulations and pushes Hunter away, but Irene suspects that something is amiss.