40 times the internet fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch

Celebrate the Sherlock star's 40th birthday with the memorable moments that cemented his place in our hearts


40. When he tried – and failed – to say “penguins”

39. When he was Top Gear’s goofiest Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

38. When he had the best time partying with Michael Fassbender at the Golden Globes

37. When he accepted an award in his board shorts.

36. When Sherlock had one too many

35. When he channelled Beyoncé and walked with all the sass

34. When he announced his engagement in The Times.

33. When he said this about the fairer sex

32. And tried to rename the Cumberbitches

31. When he floored Harrison Ford with his Chewbacca impression

30. And floored us with his impersonation of G-Nort

29. And let’s not forget these hip hop songs read in the style of Alan Rickman

28. Or when he lent his silky vocals to the lyrics of R Kelly

27. When this happened and we all swooned

26. Or when this Star Trek deleted scene emerged and we all wondered why on earth it didn’t make it into the final movie?

25. When he skydived and looked THIS happy

24. When we all geeked out over his specs appeal at the Golden Globes

23. When he performed the photobomb to end all photobombs

22. And then photobombed again

21. And again

20. When he punched a journalist to defend Keira Knightley’s honour

19. When his Smaug skills gave us all shivers

18. When he did Mr Napkin Head

17. When he dressed up as Zorro and snogged Reese Witherspoon all in the name of art

16. When he had an adorable Star Trek fanboy freakout on the red carpet