Reese Witherspoon did the ‘bend and snap’ to celebrate Legally Blonde turning 15

If the anniversary is making you feel old, Witherspoon's throwback efforts will cheer you right up


Legally Blonde is now fifteen years old, oh yes, fifteen years old. But before you get all worried and start thinking about all the things you probably should have achieved since 2001, Reese Witherspoon is here to cheer you up with the ‘bend and snap’. 


Elle Woods has still got it:

Harking back to that Law School application she can definitely still recall hundreds of important details:

“I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat” ??? #LegallyBlonde15

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She still maintains that whoever said orange it the new pink is seriously disturbed:

Seriously. ?? #LegallyBlonde15

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And is still on hand to offer excellent life advice…

The #ElleWoods way ?? #LegallyBlonde15 ?

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See, it’s quite cheery despite the ‘I’m-so-old’ feelings it stirs up.