10 things you might not know about Eddie Redmayne

From the interview that made him cry to his karaoke song of choice...

He’s not averse to swiping a shampoo or two from a hotel


On the promotional tour for Les Mis, Redmayne and the cast spent an awful lot of time in hotels – a necessity Redmayne rather enjoyed. “I love a good hotel,” he told Jonathan Ross. “You have to reeducate yourself on using the minibar. You know when you’re younger and you go to hotels with your parents and they say, ‘Under no circumstances touch the minibar’? And now you have a certain amount you can spend each day, so you have to retrain your mind to abuse, steal everything. I genuinely, embarrassingly, arrived back from Los Angeles today with a load of shampoos in posh little bags. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them.”

We suspect we do: he’ll hang on to them for roughly a year, wonder why he bothered, and then throw them out.

Karaoke? Redmayne knows what he’s singing

Redmayne has admitted to hogging the microphone on karaoke nights out, usually after a couple of drinks. He likes to bust out a Katy Perry track, Redmayne told the Metro. Channelling a somewhat different vibe, he also told People: “My karaoke song of choice is “Bat Out of Hell”. About three minutes into the 12-minute song, I keep getting, ‘Shut up!'” 

He did the ice bucket challenge last year with The Fall star Jamie Dornan

One video, two ice bucket challenges, three sodden actors: Redmayne and The Fall (and soon to be Fifty Shades of Grey star) Jamie Dornan also nominated Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield for the charity venture, which was used to raise awareness and funds for charities supporting ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease and Motor Neurone Disease.

West End training involved some strange tasks

Redmayne has always enjoyed singing, but says two months of solid West End musical training for singing parts in films including Les Mis led to some interesting exercises. Tongue sticking out, anyone? Yes, that is an exercise. Why, we hear you cry? Let Eddie explain: “It was two months of training the muscles, all this weird stuff like holding my tongue out to strengthen the back of the tongue,” he told the Film Experience. You’re doing it now, aren’t you?


He prefers shower gel to soap


Yes, this kind of information is on the internet. Redmayne prefers shower gel to soap. Unfortunately, there are no details about which brand or exactly how much he uses… we can probably all continue with our day now.