Disney's latest animated musical, Wish, is arriving in UK cinemas this week, as the House of Mouse continues its centenary celebrations.


Given this substantial landmark, it was arguably more important than ever that the new film included a handful of songs destined to become Disney classics - and luckily for fans, there is no shortage of great tunes throughout the runtime.

Singer/songwriter Julia Michaels was drafted in to compose the original songs alongside Benjamin Rice, and co-director Chris Buck explained during an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com why she was a such a great fit.

"Julia was perfect for this in that she has that love of Disney classics and she can bring you that classic sound, but she also brings a contemporary sound," he said. "So, again, that's what we wanted – sort of that nostalgic feel but contemporary."

He added that she was "so much fun to work with" and explained that she wrote the film's standout track, This Wish, first, while the script for the movie was still coming together.

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"We gave her like a paragraph – we were still working on the story, trying to figure it all out," he explained. "But we had just the beginning idea of that moment... sort of like, why would she wish on this star and what she was wishing for?

"And so she just knocked it out of the park, gave us that first song, and we were so excited because we knew the potential of the whole soundtrack at that point."

Meanwhile, Chris Pine – who voices the film's antagonist King Magnifico – was equally impressed with the soundtrack, telling RadioTimes.com that "all the music was catchy to me".

He added: "I'm just quite stunned by Julia and Ben and their ability to make music the way they do, great pop music. It's such an art form that I don't really understand, and to witness them create it and change it and work with it and craft it and perfect it was really quite great.

"I love my villain song [This Is The Thanks I Get?!] and I really love the duet that I have with Ariana [DeBose, At All Costs] and everything that she does. It's not my forte, any of this, so I'm kind of in awe of everyone else."

Read on for the full list of songs that appear in the soundtrack.

Wish soundtrack

The full list of songs that appear in the film can be found below:

All songs written by Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice.

  • Welcome to Rosas performed by Ariana DeBose & Wish Cast
  • At All Costs performed by Chris Pine & Ariana DeBose
  • This Wish performed by Ariana DeBose
  • I'm a Star performed by Wish Cast
  • This Is The Thanks I Get?! performed by Chris Pine
  • Knowing What I Know Now performed by Ariana DeBose, Angelique Cabral & Wish Cast
  • This Wish (Reprise) performed by Ariana DeBose & Wish Cast
  • A Wish Worth Making performed by Julia Michaels
  • This Wish (Instrumental)
  • I'm a Star (Instrumental)
  • This Is the Thanks I Get?! (Instrumental)
  • A Wish Worth Making (Instrumental)

Wish is released in UK cinemas on Friday 24th November. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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