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Meet the cast of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Netflix's Christmas film sequel

Everything you need to know about the cast for the film that sees Vannessa Hudgens take on three different roles.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again
Published: Friday, 20th November 2020 at 1:22 pm

Vanessa Hudgens has become something of a regular fixture in Netflix's original Christmas movies over the last few years, and this year she's returning for a follow up to 2018's The Princess Switch.


In the earlier film Hudgens had a dual role, playing both rich Duchess Margaret Delacourt and professional pastry chef Stacy DeNovo – but for the sequel, she's going one step further and playing a total of three characters.

There are also some other returning characters from the original movie and one or two new faces as well. Read on for everything you need to know about the cast for The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Vanessa Hudgens plays Margaret Delacourt, Crown Princess Stacy DeNovo Wyndham Of Belgravia and Lady Fiona Pembroke

Princess Switch

Who is Margaret Delacourt (Duchess of Montenaro)? At the start of the first film, Margaret is the Duchess of Montenaro and fiancée of Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia, but after chancing upon doppelganger Stacy DeNovo the two switch places, with Margaret eventually falling in love with Stacy's friend Kevin.

At the beginning of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Margaret is preparing to ascend to the throne of Montenaro but has recently ended her relationship with Kevin.

Who is Crown Princess Stacy DeNovo Wyndham Of Belgravia? Stacy is an ordinary pastry chef from Chicago until she travels to the Kingdom of Belgravia for a baking competition and runs into Margret, with whom she switches places. Stacy falls in love with Prince Edward and the pair marry, making her the Princess of Belgravia.

At the start of the sequel, Stacy is also having relationship problems, having increasingly neglected Edward while she focuses on her duties as Princess.

Who is Lady Fiona Pembroke? Fiona is Margaret's identical, party-loving cousin and is a new character for the sequel. Fiona has spent most of her family's money and has resorted to scams for her income, and soon comes across the chance for the best possible hustle: if she assumes Margaret's identity, she can get crowned as queen and then loot the royal treasury.

What else has Vanessa Hudgens been in? Hudgens famously made her name playing the lead role of Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical films and has appeared in a string of movies since including Spring Breakers, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Bad Boys for Life.

This is the third consecutive year she's appeared in an original Netflix Christmas movie, following the first Princess Switch film in 2018 and last year's The Knight Before Christmas.

Sam Palladio plays Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia

Sam Palladio plays Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia

Who is Crown Prince Edward of Belgravia? In the first film, Edward is introduced as the fiance of Margaret, with whom he has an ailing relationship, but after the switch, he falls in love with and marries Stacy. Their marriage is under strain at the start of the sequel, as Stacy is spending loads of time fulfilling her new princess duties.

What else has Sam Palladio been in? Sam had had regular roles in a number of successful TV shows, notably the lead part Gunnar Scott in Nashville and recurring roles in Episodes and Humans. As far as films go, his credits include 7 Lives, Runner, Runner, and Strange Magic.

Nick Sagar plays Kevin Richards

Nick Sagar plays Kevin Richards

Who is Kevin Richards? Kevin is Stacy's long-time best friend, and the pair have been running a successful pastry shop in Chicago. Following the switch, he falls in love with Margaret, but at the start of the second film, the relationship has been ended, leaving Kevin distraught.

What else has Nick Sagar been in? The Princess Switch was something of a breakout role for Sagar, but other screen appearances have included TV shows Queen of the South and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

Mark Fleischmann plays Frank De Luca

Who is Frank De Luca? Frank is the royal butler, who in the first film is tasked with observing Stacy after King George senses something is afoot.

What else has Mark Fleischmann been in? Fleishmann's most notable role is as Mr Jefferies on Wolfblood, while he also had a recurring part on Being Human in 2010. Film credits include Pickle, Time Will Tell and a small role in Inception.

Suanne Braun as Mrs. Donatelli

Who is Mrs. Donatelli? Mrs. Donatelli is Margaret's assistant and has appeared in both films.

What else has Suanne Braun been in? Braun's previous credits include roles in Red Dwarf, Silk Stalkings, and the 2015 thriller film Survivor.

Lachlan Nieboer as Antonio Rossi

Who is Antonio Rossi? New for the sequel, Antonio is Margaret's chief of staff and has feelings for the Duchess, which further complicates the relationship between Margaret and Kevin.

What else has Lachlan Nieboer been in? Nieboer appeared as Lieutenant Edward Courtenay in an episode of Downton Abbey and was in two episodes of Torchwood back in 2008. Film credits include Into the White, Charlie Countryman and Royal Hearts.


The Princess Switch: Switched Again is streaming on Netflix now. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide


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