With award season on the horizon, Radio Times Magazine has launched a new film guide, with a twist.


Over the years, the magazine has rated films from one star to five stars, and now it has compiled some of its favourite films. It has whittled down over 1,000 titles to 250, and readers are in for a treat.

Across 180 pages, there are films from all genres, dating all the way back to 1902's Le Voyage dans la Lune to 2023's blockbuster Oppenheimer and everything in between.

Some of the movies that feature in the guide include comedy Bridesmaids, action epic Gladiator and even the animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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You can preview the the first 14 pages of the film guide here.

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How much is the Radio Times 5 Star Film Guide?

The Radio Times 5 Star Film Guide is £9.99.

The full guide is available to buy now on the Radio Times Shop.

What does the Radio Times 5 Star Film Guide include?

The Radio Times 5 Star Film Guide includes the following:

  • 250 film reviews written by RT's team of expert writers
  • Suggestions for further viewing, if your appetite has been whetted by a certain film
  • Trivia nuggets and behind the scenes information (which actor dined on real bison liver in the name of authenticity, for example!)
  • Details on where you can stream or rent these films via a helpful QR code.

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