Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan star in a new family action-comedy this festive season – and can exclusively reveal a first-look clip from the movie.


Directed by TV veteran Simon Cellan Jones, The Family Plan sees Wahlberg take on the role of Dan Morgan, a seemingly normal family man who has long kept his previous life as a deadly hitman secret from his wife and kids.

When his past catches up with him in dramatic circumstances, he takes his family on a road trip to Las Vegas where his enemy awaits, all the while doing his best to conceal his true intentions from his loved ones with some less-than-ideal consequences.

You can watch the preview clip in full below:

The exclusive clip opens with Dan rather recklessly driving his car – with his infant child in the backseat – before he has a brief and rather awkward conversation with his stunned-looking neighbour when he arrives outside his house.

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He then rushes in and opens a secret compartment under the stairs to reveal some passports, which he mentions are out of date, and what appears to be a children's item of clothing reading the word "princess".

But there's also something else in the same compartment: multiple wads of banknotes, which he duly takes.

"From here on in, Daddy's paying in cash Maxy," he says to his child, who giggles in response.

The Family Plan will premiere on Apple TV+ on 15th December 2023 – sign up to Apple TV+ now.

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