Few film trilogies have left anything like as big a cultural mark as Peter Jackson's three Lord of the Rings movies that arrived in the early 2000s, and almost two decades on the films still very much hold up.


There's never a bad time to catch up with Frodo and the Fellowship again, but with a new TV series on the horizon that promises to go even deeper into Middle Earth lore, now could be the perfect time to give the films a rewatch.

And the good news is that that all three films are available to watch on NOW TV - read on for all the details.

When are The Lord of the Rings films on NOW TV?

There's no need to wait - the films are all already available on NOW TV with a Sky Cinema pass, having arrived on August 31st.

How to watch The Lord of the Rings films on NOW TV

Thankfully it's not very difficult - just head to NOW TV and opt for a Sky Cinema subscription, then when you search for each film in the trilogy you'll find them in the extensive film library.

And thanks to a new offer, you’ll be able to access that library for cheaper than usual – with NOW TV currently offering 12 months of Sky Cinema for just £9.99, £2 a month cheaper than the usual price of £11.99 a month.

What are the Lord of the Rings films about?

Lord of the Rings

The trilogy is based on J.R.R Tolkien's epic fantasy set in the world of Middle Earth, and follows a young Hobbit who is tasked with taking the One Ring to Mount Doom such that he can destroy it and relinquish the evil Sauron.

He is joined on his quest by eight companions - his fellow Hobbits Sam, Merry and Pippin, the wizard Gandalf, Elf Legolas, Dwarf Gimli and the Humans Boromir and Aragorn - who are collectively known as the Fellowship.

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On their journey, the group are split up - with Sam and Frodo forced to continue their trek alongside duplicitous Stoor Hobbit Gollum while the remaining members of the Fellowship, led by Aragorn, attempt to distract Sauron by rallying the Free Peoples of Middle-earth in the War of the Ring.

All three movies are regarded as some of the finest fantasy adventures ever committed to film, with the third in particular winning all sorts of awards - including an incredible eleven Oscars, emerging victorious in every single category it was nominated in including Best Picture.

What other films are on NOW TV?

If you're not that into fantasy films, or feel that you've already watched The Lord of the Rings enough times for a lifetime, thankfully there are no shortage of other films on the platform.

There’s a wealth of options in a range of varying genres that you can check out with a Sky Cinema Pass – check out our list of the best movies on NOW TV.

Just remember Sky Cinema Pass auto-renews monthly at £9.99 a month for 12 months. After your 12 month offer, Pass auto-renews at £11.99 a month, unless cancelled. You can cancel anytime.


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