Last year, Kim Sherwood became the first woman to write an official James Bond novel with the release of Double or Nothing, the first entry in a planned trilogy.


The book introduced Bond fans to a new roster of 00 agents who are tasked with locating the iconic spy after he goes missing, with Sherwood heavily drawing from the legacy of original author Ian Fleming.

But although the author says she feels "honoured" to have followed in Fleming's footsteps, she revealed to that she is not eyeing any film adaptations of her work.

“Up until now, the books and the films have been separate – the Broccolis are shepherding the films and the Fleming's shepherding the books," she explained in an exclusive interview ahead of her appearance at CrimeFest on Friday 12th May.

"They give each other creative space, you know, so they don't kind of step on each other's toes too much. So that's the situation as it lies right now."

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Sherwood added that although she hadn't been thinking about film adaptations, she did look back to images from the existing movies as inspiration for her writing.

"I've just been trying to think about what I'm doing in the books and think about how to write in dialogue with Ian Fleming, but also in dialogue with, I guess, our collective unconscious, and how the Bond films exist in everybody's imaginations," she continued.

"So I've tried to bring in that sense of a very strong, visual, even cinematic feel. And I've tried to bring in things that are almost like touchstones from the films – so that there'll be a certain attitude or a certain stance, or a certain way of walking even that puts us in mind of the films and hopefully draws on that love that we all have for this incredible legacy.”

Kim Sherwood will be at CrimeFest on Friday 12th May. 150 authors take part in the UK’s largest crime fiction convention hosted in Bristol from 11th-14th May:

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