Andy Capper (2013)

18 Certificate


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Rap superstar Snoop Dogg heads to Jamaica to make a reggae album in this candid documentary, simultaneously embarking on a spiritual journey that sees him adopt a new performing name, Snoop Lion. Forsaking the violence of the tough American upbringing that informed much of his earlier music, Snoop embraces a new message of peace and love as he immerses himself in Rastafarian culture, visiting local trouble spots, homes for underprivileged children and reggae legends such as Bunny Wailer. Music journalist-turned-director Andy Capper portrays his subject as a man seeking redemption, scarred by his criminal past and mourning the deaths of close friends, and the film strikes an impressive balance between serious concerns and several hilarious episodes - usually involving Snoop and his entourage enthusiastically partaking of Jamaica's bountiful crops of marijuana.

Cast & Crew

Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg
Director Andy Capper

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: DogwoofGuidance: Contains swearing and drug abuse.Released on: 22 Mar 2013