Marriage Story

Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach (2019)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Marriage Story is funny, moving and heart-breaking. In fact, it just may be a modern masterpiece from writer/director Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha, Mistress America). Despite the title, it is a story about a couple (played by Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) who decide to get divorced. At first, their separation is friendly and amicable. But, as soon as lawyers are involved, things become messy and ugly, especially as they fight for custody of their young son. This leads to some compelling scenes, including a powerful sequence where a reasonable discussion snowballs into a volcanic argument. Crucially, the film doesn't take sides, and it features exceptional performances from Driver and Johansson, who ensure that both characters are sympathetic and likeable. As a result, certain scenes are devastating to watch. At the same time, Marriage Story will make you laugh. It will make you smile. And if you are married, it will make you pray that you never get divorced.

Cast & Crew

Nicole Scarlett Johansson
Charlie Adam Driver
Nora Fanshaw Laura Dern
Cassie Merritt Wever
Jay Ray Liotta
Carter Mark O'Brien (2)
Bert Spitz Alan Alda
Sandra Julie Hagerty
Director Noah Baumbach
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: NetflixGuidance: SwearingReleased on: 15 Nov 2019