Point Blank

Point Blank

John Boorman (1967)

18 Certificate


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This grim, violent, virtually metaphysical thriller was the US directing debut of John Boorman (he'd previously made a feature with the Dave Clark Five in Britain). It's a gripping and sexy (X-rated in its day) action movie, with a magnificent performance from Lee Marvin as the revenge-seeking Walker, the ultimate lethal weapon, whose insane quest to retrieve Mob money assumes mythical proportions. Philip H Lathrop's cinematography brilliantly captures the Los Angeles night locations, while the subtle complexity of the storytelling and characterisations are such that this demands repeated viewings. Based on a novel by Richard Stark (the pseudonym of Donald E Westlake), the film is a markedly superior and powerful work. Incredible as it seems, MGM executives were so worried by the rushes that it took the intervention of David Lean to ensure Boorman remained on the picture.


A gangster meets up with his wife and his partner-in-crime to divide the spoils of a robbery, only for them to shoot him and take all the money, leaving him for dead. However, the betrayed crook survives, and years later, tracks them down to Los Angeles, where he murders his way through the underworld seeking revenge. Crime thriller directed by John Boorman and starring Lee Marvin, John Vernon, Angie Dickinson and Keenan Wynn.

Cast & Crew

Walker Lee Marvin
Chris Angie Dickinson
Yost Keenan Wynn
Brewster Carroll O'Connor
Frederick Carter Lloyd Bochner
Stegman Michael Strong
Mal Reese John Vernon
Lynne Sharon Acker
Director John Boorman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: B.F.I. ProductionsGuidance: Violence, swearing and brief nudity. Available on: video, DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 29 Mar 2013