So Little Time

So Little Time

Compton Bennett (1951)

PG Certificate


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Overwrought but nicely played Second World War drama about the unlikely romance between a Belgian woman and a German soldier.


A woman in Nazi-occupied Belgium is outraged when her family home is seized by the army as a base of operations, but finds herself falling in love with the commanding officer despite her hatred of the regime. The situation grows more complicated when she is encouraged by the resistance to steal top secret documents from him. Second World War drama based on Noelle Henry's novel, starring Maria Schell and Marius Goring.

Cast & Crew

Nicole de Malvines Maria Schell
Oberst / Colonel Hohensee Marius Goring
Lotte Schönberg Lucie Mannheim
Madame de Malvines Gabrielle Dorziat
Anna Barbara Mullen
Director Compton Bennett
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD