Date with Disaster

Date with Disaster

Charles Saunders (1957)

U Certificate


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Even a cast that includes William Hartnell and Shirley Eaton (before fame came a-calling with Doctor Who and Goldfinger, respectively) cannot elevate this British crime flick from the status of 1950s potboiler. Hollywood import Tom Drake (Judy Garland's beau in classic musical Meet Me in St Louis) is the nominal star here, as the boss of a second-hand car dealership who's fitted up to take the fall by a trio of quarrelsome crooks. Drake looks decidedly uncomfortable whenever he's on screen (which isn't too often) so it's left to Hartnell (as a wily safecracker) and Eaton (as a vivacious secretary) to light up the by-the-numbers plot.


One of the two owners of a car dealership hatches a plan to embezzle money behind his partner's back. Crime drama, starring Tom Drake and Shirley Eaton.

Cast & Crew

Miles Harrington Tom Drake
Sue Miller Shirley Eaton
Tracey William Hartnell
Don Redman Maurice Kaufman
Ken Richard Shaw
Detective Inspector Matthews Michael Golden
Director Charles Saunders
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD