Ben Howling (2017)



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Casting Martin Freeman as the lead in an Aussie post-apocalypse horror may seem a curious choice for directors Ben Howling and Yolande Ramke in their feature debut. But the Hobbit star's blend of everyman likeability and inner resolve under fire means he's perfectly suited to play a desperate dad in dire straits. A pandemic, in which anyone infected has 48 hours before transforming into a shambling ghoul, has forced Andy (Freeman), his wife and baby to search for a safe haven in the Australian outback. But when Andy is infected, he's faced with a nerve-racking race against time to find sanctuary for the tot before succumbing to the inevitable. It's a journey that brings encounters with a young Aboriginal girl tormented by father issues of her own and a surly survivalist driven by much baser instincts. Eschewing excessive gore for menace and genuine heart-rending drama, it's a film blessed with a fabulous performance from Freeman and a stunning panoramic backdrop, crisply shot by seasoned cameraman Geoffrey Simpson (Shine). And there's an appearance, too, from iconic Aboriginal star David Gulpilil (Walkabout).

Cast & Crew

Andy Martin Freeman
Vic Anthony Hayes
Kay Susie Porter
Thoomi Simone Landers
Lorraine Caren Pistorius
Etta Kris McQuade
Willie Bruce R Carter
Cleverman David Gulpilil
Director Ben Howling
Director Yolanda Ramke
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Language: EnglishColour