Welcome to Series Two of The Radio Times Podcast (formerly View From My Sofa), a podcast hosted by Radio Times journalist, Kelly-Anne Taylor.


In each episode, we sit down with a special guest to talk about all things TV. Expect exclusive insight into our famous guests’ viewing habits – what shows they binge, what they snack on, what they loathe and who really controls the remote on their sofa!

In this series, we've got a great line-up of star guests who join us on the Radio Times sofa, including Stephen Fry, Miriam Margolyes, Letitia Wright, Daniel Radcliffe and Helen Fielding! Browse the episodes below and search Radio Times Podcasts wherever you get your podcasts to listen. Don't forget to follow us so that you never miss an episode!

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Episode 14: KSI (Live 17th January 2023)

Kelly-Anne Taylor sits down with the YouTuber, boxer and chart-topping artist to chat about dating, being an outcast and the repercussions of broadcasting your life to the world.

Episode 13: Christmas bumper episode with Will Ferrell & Octavia Spencer (Live 22nd December)

In this bumper Christmas special, Kelly-Anne is joined by Mr Christmas himself – Elf star and renowned comedy actor Will Ferrell, as well as his co-star in Apple TV+’s latest Christmas film Spirited, the Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer. The stars talk about their festive traditions, the worst Christmas presents they’ve ever received and the difficulties of taking on an all-singing... all-dancing musical.

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Episode 12: View From My Sofa at Christmas with Miriam Margolyes (Live 20th December)

On this Christmas episode of View From My Sofa, Kelly-Anne is joined by a self-confessed Christmas Scrooge – Miriam Margolyes. Known for speaking her own mind as well as her long and celebrated acting career, Miriam talks to Kelly-Anne about loathing Christmas, never reading a Harry Potter book despite playing the Head of Hufflepuff in the film franchise and why she refuses to slow down.

Episode 11: View From My Sofa at Christmas with Dick & Angel Strawbridge (Live 13th December)

Dick and Angel Strawbridge join Kelly-Anne from their French chateau to talk all things Christmas. The couple have achieved cult status with their Channel 4 series, which followed their renovation of a derelict 19th-century chateau. They speak to Kelly-Anne about the importance of tradition, how a romcom kickstarted their dream to uproot their lives and relocate to France and why this is the last series of their Chateau adventure...

Episode 10: View from my sofa at Christmas with Jamie Oliver (Live 6th December)

This week’s guest really needs no introduction – it’s the chef, restauranteur and cookbook author, Jamie Oliver. In our first festive episode, Jamie talks to podcast host Kelly-Anne Taylor about Christmas Day in the Oliver household, how giving his wife Jools a foot massage is his sure-fire way to secure control of the remote, and how landing his first TV show was all down to pot luck.

Episode 9: Letitia Wright (Live 29th November)

This week's guest is Letitia Wright - who went from Holby City to Hollywood after landing a leading role in the Black Panther franchise. The south London star's TV credits also include Top Boy, Small Axe and Black Mirror, but it was after breaking into the Marvel franchise that Wright established herself in the top tier on both sides of the Atlantic. In this episode, Letitia joins Kelly-Anne Taylor from LA and talks about the importance of equality on-screen, her new film The Silent Twins, and why she had to ditch her back-up plan...

Episode 8: Zara McDermott (Live 22nd November)

This week’s guest is the reality TV star turned documentary maker, Zara McDermott. First appearing on our screens in 2018 as a “bombshell” on Love Island – she has since appeared on E4’s Made In Chelsea and hosted her own dating show Love In The Flesh. Zara released a documentary for the BBC on Revenge Porn which unflinchingly investigated the impact of the unauthorised sharing of explicit images and helped change the law in the UK. Since, then she’s made a documentary on Rape Culture and most recently, Disordered Eating. In this episode, Zara talks to Kelly-Anne Taylor about how working in government gave her the confidence to speak her mind, how she handles unpacking her own trauma and her love of Gossip Girl.

Episode 7: Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Live 15 November)

This week's guest is the face of Channel 4 news, journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy. In this episode, Krishnan talks to Kelly-Anne about how watching Sky's This England took him back to the anxieties of Covid when his 86-year-old father caught the virus, how his gig on Newsround shaped the journalist he is today - and how he almost starred in a film with Twiggy.

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Episode 6: Daniel Radcliffe (Live 8th November)

Our guest on this episode of the View From My Sofa podcast has been a household name for over two decades and he’s only 33. Daniel Radcliffe found overnight global fame on the big screen as the world’s favourite young wizard, Harry Potter – but, contrary to all fears and expectations, he has never looked back.

Since discarding his wand and cloak, Daniel has consistently surprised fans and critics with success in low-budget indie films, TV dramas and comedies – most recently starring in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. In this episode, Daniel talks to Radio Times Journalist Kelly-Anne Taylor about handling fame, learning the ropes from the greatest British cast of all time and deciding to play the accordion.

Episode 5: Helen Fielding (Live 1st November)

On this episode of View from my sofa, our guest is the novelist and screenwriter Helen Fielding - most celebrated as the creator of Bridget Jones. 27 years ago, Fielding wrote an anonymous column in The Independent which followed the daily triumphs and tribulations of a thirty-something singleton who smoked too much, drank too much and obsessed endlessly over unavailable men and her calorie intake. Bridget Jones has become a global sensation - with the column becoming four bestselling books and three hit films.

In this episode, Fielding talks to Radio Times Journalist Kelly-Anne Taylor about growing up in the Industrial North, her early days as a TV journalist, how wanting a swimming pool fuelled her ambitions to become a writer - and reveals that she's hard at work on the next Bridget film

Episode 4: Louis Theroux (Live 25th October)

Our guest on this episode is Louis Theroux – the godfather of the immersive documentary. Over 24 years of programme-making, Louis’ trademark style has remained the same – charming, bookish and, always, direct. In this episode, he talks to Kelly-Anne Taylor about how he wanted to be a sit-com writer, his guilty-secret of watching his own documentaries and why lockdown, and spending more time with his family, has changed his outlook on life.

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Episode 3: Stephen Fry (Live 18th October)

In this episode, our guest is the actor, screenwriter, scriptwriter, playwright, author, raconteur, and the latest legend to be inducted into the Radio Times Hall of Fame, the one and only Stephen Fry.

Stephen tells Kelly-Anne Taylor about his lifelong love affair with TV, why – of all the programmes he has made in more than 40 years in television – his BBC documentary exploring bipolar disorder is the show he’s most proud of, how he wishes shows like Heartstopper and It’s A Sin were around when he was younger – and how meeting Hugh Laurie was love at first sight.

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Episode 2: Jed Mercurio (Live 11th October)

In this episode, our guest is the king of the TV conspiracy thriller Jed Mercurio – the brains behind Line of Duty, Bodyguard and most recently, Bloodlands starring James Nesbitt.

In this episode, Jed tells Kelly-Anne Taylor about the TV he watched as a young boy growing up in a working-class family in 1970s Staffordshire, why he felt more comfortable flying a plane for the RAF than writing his first script and how his years as a junior doctor gave him his big TV break.

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Episode 1: James May (Live 4th October)

Our first guest on the podcast is the one and only James May. Once the Captain Slow of BBC’s Top Gear – James and his two amigos, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, now famously travel the globe for Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour.

In this episode, James tells Kelly-Anne Taylor about the TV he watched as a child, the shows that made him the man he is today and how he uses the pause button on his remote to support his local pub.

Plus, he gives us the real story of life on the road with Hammond and Clarkson – and he reveals how his uncharacteristically reckless driving in the current season of A Grand Tour landed him in a Scandinavian A&E Department.

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