Jon Snow has finally admitted that yes, he does "know nothing".

The Channel 4 news anchor was so baffled by the general election results and Prime Minister Theresa May's deal with the DUP that he (almost) uttered the iconic Game of Thrones catchphrase. 

Some context: over in Westeros, the other Jon Snow - that is, the bearded rugged one played by Kit Harington - was once warned by the very spiky Ygritte: "You know nothing, Jon Snow".

But as public and politicians alike reeled from Thursday's unexpected general election result, real-world Snow began his broadcast: "Good evening. I know nothing. We the media, the pundits, the experts, know nothing. We simply didn't spot it."

Channel 4 commented: "Sometimes the news is so unreal that the real Jon Snow has to draw on Game of Thrones."