Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

27-31 January: Evelyn and Spencer try to break free from the cult, while Chas tries to muscle in on Indi's plans to go travelling

Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay
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Monday 27 January

As Evie pleads with her brainwashed father to help her get a badly injured Spencer away from the cult, Oscar senses that his twin is in trouble and persuades Zac and Hannah to go to her aid. When Casey is told that he cannot take his HSC exam this year, Bianca makes an enemy of Ms Montgomery by standing up for him. The Braxton brothers decide to forgo their prison visit to Brax to give Ricky extra time to be alone with him. 

Tuesday 28 January

While escaping the Lodge, Spencer collapses and is rushed to hospital. Evie worries about turning over the evidence she has collected against Murray to the police. Josh is released from hospital, still carrying a lot of anger towards Brax. How does Roo react when Alf arrives back unexpectedly from America? 

Wednesday 29 January

When April’s father hears of her forthcoming marriage, he makes her an offer that could change everything. Having decided to go travelling, Indi looks into possible destinations. Having heard Indi’s plans, Chris gets excited, but she finally plucks up the courage to tell him she intends to go alone. Spencer comes to the realisation that he needs medication to control his bipolar disorder. 

Thursday 30 January

Roo asks Alf to lend her some money so that she can fly to Hong Kong to persuade the authorities to continue the search for Harvey. As Dex searches out Star Wars wedding costumes online he sees a message from April’s Dad detailing his offer to allow her to study in Paris. Nina shows up to visit Jett, just as he thinks he will never see her again. 

Friday 31 January

Dex decides not to hold April back. Will Casey and Tamara be thrown off course by the lack of drama in their relationship? John is livid to have discovered Nina in his house and arranges to take her back to her boarding school, but after he falls asleep she runs away with Jett. After Heath tries to help out, Bianca’s troubles at school grow.