Coen Brothers working on a TV adaptation of Fargo

Joel and Ethan Coen to executive produce a 60-minute small-screen adaptation of their Oscar-winning film


Joel and Ethan Coen are working with MGM Television and FX Productions on a TV drama based on their hit 1996 film Fargo.


The Coen brothers and US TV producer Warren Littlefield will act as executive producers on a 60-minute Fargo adaptation to be penned by Bones screenwriter Noah Hawley, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fargo, which starred William H Macy, Steve Buscemi and Frances McDormand, told the tale of a pregnant police officer’s pursuit of two kidnappers in a small North Dakota town. Both a critical and commercial success, the film earned McDormand and the Coens Oscars.

MGM TV last attempted to adapt Fargo for the small screen in 1997, filming a pilot with Sopranos actress Edie Falco in the lead. While it wasn’t picked up for a series, the pilot did eventually screen on US TV in 2003.

There are as yet no casting details available for the new Fargo adaptation, but it is probably safe to assume that the Coens’ involvement will attract a truly first-rate set of stars.


See a trailer for the original Fargo below: