Top Gear turned more aquatic and alpine than aero-dynamic when the trio of presenters, Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness, travelled to Cyprus to take on a budget rental car challenge and decided to create a new sport, car water-skiing (no, we're not sure why either.)


As ever, the merits of the trio and the new Top Gear were wildly debated.

One viewer wrote: "I hated #topgear when Clarkson and the crew were on it. Finally it’s worth watching".

Another disagreed: "Don’t object to the dicking around but what’s happened to the reviews of new cars? Seems to have lost its way. #TopGear".

The new format in the wide-open spaces had attracted a new audience.

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The episode featured the boys racing their rental cars down a ski slope in the Troodos mountains. What is entertainment to some was "car crash telly" to others.

Perhaps they needed to exercise their fingers on their remote control?

A Top Gear fan wrote: "My sympathies are with the people whinging about #TopGear again tonight as its clear their remotes are broken and they have no access to other tv channels..."

"People continually complaining switch over to some #FamilyFortunes and stop killing the good vibes from our boys of #TopGear", wrote another.

Another felt that Top Gear was simply "Adolescent antics from some juveniles driving cars. A bit of entertaining, mindless fun from the lads. #TopGear".

Back at the test track, Chris and Paddy checked out the latest family cars from Audi and Lamborghini – the RS 6 Avant versus the Urus. The cars were outside the price bracket of the average family. A mere snip at a combined £180,000.

Top Gear is returning to BBC One on Sunday 25th October.


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