WrestleMania 36 was quite simply unlike any other WrestleMania in history.


Fans are divided over the two-night event which went full steam ahead behind closed doors due to the ongoing coronavirus. WWE chose not to dub in crowd noises or background music, meaning the superstars went to battle in complete silence, their every word picked up by microphones placed around the arena.

A full stack of matches went ahead despite the circumstances, and while some were dismayed by the lack of atmosphere, many were full of praise for the action on show.

Check out the full list of WrestleMania 36 results...

WrestleMania 36 results – Saturday

AJ Styles v Undertaker

Winner: Undertaker. Whoaaaaaaaa. The match of the night came outside the WWE Performance Center with a pre-recorded showdown between Taker and Styles in a graveyard. A savage showdown saw the pair use a tombstone and shovel to dig at each other. In the end, Taker kicked Styles into an open grave and used a digger to bury Styles in dramatic fashion.

Becky Lynch v Shayna Baszler

Winner: Becky Lynch. Baszler had been hyped up to unbeatable levels ahead of the match, but in truth it was a very even clash. Both women came close to sealing the deal but Lynch countered Baszler's finish to clinch it following a tight battle.

Daniel Bryan v Sami Zayn

Winner: Sami Zayn. Simply, Zayn did not want to be there. Sami dodged in and out of the ring, rolling and squirming away from Bryan throughout the sparring stages of the encounter. When Bryan finally got his hands on Zayn, he unleashed furious barrages of slaps and signature moves before Zayn saw an opening and took his single shot with ruthless efficiency.

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Kofi Kingston v John Morrison v Jimmy Uso

Winner: John Morrison. One of the matches of the night. All three of the superstars suffered big falls during this epic clash, with each claiming the advantage at different stages of the match. The trio ascended two ladders in the dying stages, each with their hands on the belts, which had been unclipped but not claimed by a sole individual. Morrison was dislodged from the ladder and suffered a big fall, but did so while grasping the belts.

Elias v King Corbin

Winner: Elias. King Corbin emerged first and attempted to claim victory by forfeit, but a patched-up Elias emerged against the odds to get the match underway. He smashed his guitar over the back of Corbin before beginning an onslaught performance, ending in a roll-up to victory.

Kabuki Warriors v Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Winner: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. The Kabuki Warriors controlled proceedings for much of the event, but heroics from Bliss clawed herself and Cross back into the fold before they each unleashed finishers on Kairi Sane to seize the women's tag titles.

Goldberg v Braun Strowman

Winner: Braun Strowman. This was never going to be the most sophisticated, acrobatic clash, but the pair brought out brute force for this one. Strowman hit four powerslams on Goldberg before going in for the pin.

Kevin Owens v Seth Rollins

Winner: Kevin Owens. The pair were engaged in a brutal affair before Rollins clanged Owens with the ring bell, earning him an instant DQ. However, Owens claimed the 'Messiah' had wriggled his way out of the encounter and challenged him to continue under 'no disqualification' rules. Owens looked down and out before slinging the ring bell back at Rollins. He then climbed the WrestleMania sign and put Rollins through the announcer table to wrap up the win.

WrestleMania 36 results – Sunday

Drew McIntyre v Brock Lesnar

Winner: Drew McIntyre. Scottish superstar McIntyre relied heavily on the claymore kick as he attempted to batter Lesnar into submission.

John Cena v "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

Winner: Everyone who watched whatever the Firefly Fun House match actually was... Madness.

Edge v Randy Orton

Winner: Edge. If this one had ran any longer, it would've been in danger of breaching UK lockdown exercise guidelines. This was a long one, which started with Orton posing as a cameraman and coming at Edge with multiple RKOs... outta nowhere. The fight travelled throughout the Performance Center building from room to room, production area to office and back again, akin to Peter Griffin's infamous chicken scrap. Edge finished proceedings with a submission hold and con-chair-to for good measure.

Rhea Ripley v Charlotte Flair

Winner: Charlotte Flair. Ripley entered the showdown with an injured knee, targeted heavily by Flair throughout. The Queen of WrestleMania was in fine form as she landed blow after blow on Ripley with a spear proving to be the crushing blow. A messy end saw Flair spring over into a figure eight to seal the win via submission.

The Street Profits v Angel Garza and Austin Theory

Winner: The Street Profits. The eventual winners started in hot form and wrapped up the Raw tag team title when Montez Ford hit frog Austin Theory with a frog splash and Angelo Dawkins rolled in with the pin for the win.

Bayley v Sasha Banks v Tamina v Naomi v Lacey Evans

Winner: Bayley. Tamina started brightly and looked to be in cruise control before her elimination at the hands of the rest of the pack combined. Naomi was taken out by Sasha Banks, who was subsequently taken out by Lacey Evans with a Women's Right for the pinfall. Banks returned to the ring with a Backstabber to Evans, and Bayley took full advantage.

Otis v Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Otis. Pure soap opera. The Otis, Ziggler, Sonya Deville triangle boiled over in this one as a vengeful Otis powered out of the blocks and dominated Ziggler from the bell. A low blow from Ziggler – after Otis was distracted by Deville – could have turned the tide, but Mandy Rose burst out to ringside to deliver her own low blow to Ziggler and Otis capitalised for the win.

Aleister Black v Bobby Lashley

Winner: Aleister Black. Lashley started the match on the back foot but pulled off an overhead suplex to shift the balance in his favour. A couple of powerslams later saw Lashley start to control proceedings, but was countered by Black who quickly flipped the tables and pinned Lashley.

Liv Morgan v Natalya


Winner: Liv Morgan. A solid pre-show match saw Morgan counter Natalya several times to continue her rise to the top.