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Super Bowl 2021: the 10 best adverts ranked

We've picked out the top ten ads from the Super Bowl – featuring Timothee Chalamet, Matthew McConaughey and the cast of Sesame Street.

Super Bowl
Published: Monday, 8th February 2021 at 12:58 pm

Whether you were more interested in the comprehensive victory for the Tampa Bay Buccanners or the explosive half-time performance by The Weeknd, there were no shortage of talking points at last night's Super Bowl.


And of course, aside from the sporting action and the live music, one other Super Bowl tradition captured the imagination of the millions watching around the globe: the long list of special commercials.

Over the course of the match, around 50 adverts premiered, with a huge amount of A-list talent drafted in for spots by some of the USA's biggest brands.

As usual, some of the adverts were hits and others misses, with some adopting a more earnest approach and others deciding that humour was the best way forward.

We've picked out our ten favourites below – so read on for the 10 best Super Bowl adverts in reverse order.

10. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

First up, Uber Eats were one of many brands to utilise the power of nostalgia this year – organising a Wayne's World reunion for their spot, with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey brining back a handful if their trademark catchphrases. And in perhaps the highlight of the ad, there's also a cameo appearance from Cardi B, as part of a gag about how they would never "shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo".

Watch the Uber Eats ad here.

9. General Motors


Will Ferrel had a famous Scandinavian venture last year – starring as Icelandic Eurovision hopeful Lars Erickssong in The Story of Fire Saga – and he returns to the continent in this humorous General Motors ad for a very different reason. Furious that Norway sells more electric cars per capita than the US, he enlists the help of Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to show the Norwegians who's boss – but it doesn't quite go according to plan.

Watch the General Motors ad here.

8. Frito-Lay

Frito Lays

Airing before the match started, this ad was an early highlight – with a number of former Super Bowl winners teaming up for an ad about getting ready for the big game. Marshawn Lynch led the cast, reciting "T'was the Night Before Superbowl" while among the stars to appear were brothers Eli and Manning Peyton – wearing matching pyjamas, no less.

Watch the Frito-Lay ad here.

7. Bud Light

Bud Light

Bud Light had not one but two impressive spots this year – the first saw several previous stars of their ad campaigns uniting in Avengers-like fashion, while this one, an advert for new product Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, made fun of the despair of 2020 with an amusing play on the phrase "when life gives you lemons".

Watch the Bud Light ad here.

6. Cheetos


Real-life couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher star in this advert, with a little help from Shaggy and his iconic 2000 hit single It Wasn't Me. After being accused by Kutcher of eating the cheesy snack in various locations around the house – with some incriminating evidence in the form of orange crumb dust – Kunis heeds Shaggy's advice, and the reggae musician is surprised when it actually works.

Watch the Cheetos ad here.

5. Tide

A slightly bizarre advert no doubt, but it somehow works. Revolving around a hoodie bearing the face of Seinfeld star Jason Alexander which is in dire need of a clean, the ad ends with an appearance from Alexander himself – and it turns out he isn't too pleased about the existence of the hoodie.

4. Doritos

The McConaissance continues with one of Matthew McConaughey's most bizarre performances to date – playing a 2D version of himself. Quite why he's been reduced to 2D isn't quite clear, but we see him struggle to go about his daily duties while Queen's I Want To Break Free plays until he stumbles on a fix: eating one of the new Doritos 3D snacks. Only, solving one problem just leads to another...

3. M&Ms

One of the stars of 2020, Schitt's Creek Dan Levy stars in this excellent M&Ms ad that is centred around various apologies. After apologies about kicking the back of an aeroplane seat, mansplaining and a gender reveal party gone wrong, we see Levy apologise to two M&Ms for eating so many of their friends. But he's not quite ready to give up just yet...

2. Cadillac

There's certainly an all-star cast for this one, with Winona Ryder reprising her role as Kim Boggs from Edward Scissorhands. And it turns out there's a new Scissorhands on the block, with Timothee Chalamet playing Kim's son Edgar Scissorhands. He seems to be suffering from the same sorts of problems that faced his predecessor all those years ago – and so Cadillac's new hands free car is something of a Godsend.

1. DoorDash

And finally for the number one spot. DoorDash might not be the first food delivery service to use a rap in their adverts – just look at Snoop Dogg and Just Eat – but it is the first to use the cast of Sesame Street to help deliver that rap. Hamilton and Snowpiercer star Daveed Diggs joins Big Bird, Cookie Monster and co for a catchy sing-along rap all about the different food options available on the service.


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