The 2021/22 Premier League season kicks off this August with each of the 20 clubs involved modelling their shiny new home, away and third kits.


New Premier League kits spark debate each summer as fans desperately hope their club will launch something that will become an instant classic, rather than one instantly mocked by rival supporters on social media.

Kit designs have been jazzed up in recent years, with clubs harking back to the print styles of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when shirts were awash with colour and textual design. Often the designers at Nike, adidas, Puma and the like get it right – but occasionally there’s a disaster (we're looking at you, Wolves Away 20/21!).

With the likes of Manchester United, Newcastle, Southampton and Wolves changing either their kit manufacturer or main shirt sponsor this season, there’s plenty of changes to look out for when the campaign kicks off on the weekend of 14th August.

Here, we’ve ranked the confirmed list of Premier League kits for 2021/22, with more to follow when they launch. Which ones do you prefer?

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20) Norwich City

The Canaries are back in the Premier League and Joma has immediately sent them down the pit with their kit offerings. Norwich’s Errea home kit last season was sleek and simple. Their Joma effort for 2021/22 looks like the badly-cut template designs that littered the Football League in the mid-2000s.

Norwich home kit 2021/22
Norwich home kit 2021/22 (NCFC)

One newspaper has already detailed the ‘mixed reaction’ to Norwich’s third kit

Norwich away kit 2021/22
Norwich away kit 2021/22 (NCFC)

Thankfully the atmospheric blue away shirt with neon blue trim and collar saves Norwich from a hat-trick of bad kits.

Norwich third kit 2021/22
Norwich third kit 2021/22 (NCFC)

19) Manchester City

A rival to Liverpool for the best away kit of the 2021/22 Premier League season is City’s ‘cream and green’ offering. What lets this kit down, however, is Puma’s insistence on making collarless kits so wide you can see the players’ shoulders.

Manchester City
Manchester City 2021/22 home kit (GETTY) Getty Images

Puma provided some dreadful kits at the Euros – just look at Italy’s away shirt, which was more like a Sports Direct knockoff than an official product. The colours of City’s home and away shirts are fine, but the cut – and in particular that neck – is woeful.

Manchester City 2021/22 away kit
Manchester City 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

18) Watford

Surely they couldn’t get worse than last season’s sun-striped monstrosity – a kit so bad North Macedonia copied it at the Euros. No, Watford’s 2021/22 home kit isn’t quite as horrific, but it’s not far off.

Watford 2021/22 home kit
Watford 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

Kelme have again succeeded in creating a home shirt that hipsters will love for all the wrong reasons in 30 years time. Fading black hoops on a yellow background looks cheap rather than intentionally styled. Distinct bumble bee vibes. The all-red away kit is nicer, but still largely forgettable.

Watford 2021/22 away kit
Watford 2021/22 away kit (Watford FC)

17) Brentford

Have Umbro delivered a kit worthy of Brentford’s Premier League debut? We’re not so sure. The home shirt is plain at best and is no improvement on their Championship offering from last year.

Brentford 2021/22 home kit
Brentford 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The banana yellow away kit, meanwhile, is far more pleasing on the eye – a real stand-out offering in a league full of red and blue. Umbro does well when it stays minimal.

Brentford 2021/22 away kit
Brentford 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

16) Leeds United

Last season’s adidas kit was well received by Leeds fans, but there’s an air of disappointment in what the manufacturer has offered here. When your home shirt is all-white, the details make or break it. The electric yellow shoulder stripes and collar cut like a second-hand table leg are awful on the eye. The font used for the names and lettering is just as irksome.

Leeds 2021/22 away kit

Leeds 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)Thankfully the 2021/22 Leeds away shirt – deep blue with imprint pattern and white shoulder stripes – is much more appealing.

Leeds 2021/22 away kit
Leeds 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

15) Newcastle United

Having parted ways with Puma – who struggled to create a classic look from a quite simple template of black and white stripes – Newcastle and Castore start off on a reasonable footing. Thick stripes rarely look great and the Toon are cursed with the horrendous neon blue FUN88 sponsorship that mangles any hope of creating a classic shirt. But the collar is at least something different and the striped sleeve trip provides a mod feel.

Newcastle 2021/22 home kit
Newcastle 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The grey, imprinted away shirt, meanwhile, screams of weave haemorrhages as opposed to intentional design. Gold trim really is only suitable for teams who have won something within living memory.

Newcastle 2021/22 away kit
Newcastle 2021/22 away kit (NUFC)

14) Wolves

The garish poker chip from sponsor ManBetX still dominates this otherwise plain but not offensive Wolves home shirt. Gold and black with a flank trim that it could really do without, this isn’t the best kit Wolves fans have had. But it’s also not the worst.

Wolves 2021/22 home kit
Wolves 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

As for the away kit, thank goodness we’ll never see last season’s aberration ever again. This grey shirt splattered with flecks of gold isn’t too bad. Just a shame that poker chip is still the most notable thing on it.

Wolves 2021/22 away kit
Wolves 2021/22 away kit (WWFC)

13) Brighton

Back to bold stripes for the Seagulls and it’s a strong offering from Nike, with a streak of yellow trim down the flanks. Brighton’s was a stand-out kit of last season and, while this isn’t the best of the Premier League, it’s by no means the worst.

Brighton 2021/22 home kit
Brighton 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The away kit, however, is an eyesore. Granted, it’s the famous colour of the Brighton railings that run along the seafront, but the mesh shouldering looks like mangled chicken wire and Nike is still persisting with the crooked flank lines that marred so many Euro 2020 kits.

Brighton 2021/22 away kit
Brighton 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

12) Southampton

The red and white stripes are back after a season-long hiatus where we were treated to a Peru-style sash, and Hummel has proved a black border on the stripes… just to jazz things up.

Southampton 2021/22 home kit
Southampton 2021/22 home kit (SFC)

The yellow away shirt is perhaps the blandest of all shirts on sale in the Premier League this season.

Southampton 2021/22 away kit
Southampton 2021/22 away kit (Saints)

Meanwhile, Southampton’s black third shirt at least has imprints of St Mary’s and The Dell within the material.

Southampton 2021/22 third kit
Southampton 2021/22 third kit (Saints)

11) Tottenham

Assuming Nike started with two white templates, they certainly put the effort into the away kit and simply dragged across the club badge and sponsor from last season to sit on the home offering. Spurs’ white home kit is actually quite nice – the decision to cut any trim colour means it’s a simple shirt from afar.

Tottenham 2021/22 home kit
Tottenham 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The effort, though, has been made on the away shirt – a Jackson Pollock splatter galaxy that certainly adheres to Tottenham’s motto “To Dare Is To Do”. We’re growing to like it.

Tottenham 2021/22 away kit
Tottenham 2021/22 away kit (THFC)

10) Burnley

Upon launching their new home kit, Burnley said: “Continuing in the tradition of the famous claret and blue for club home kits, this season the new jersey has been given a contemporary twist with all new graphic sleeves.” The claret body remains, so bar a change of sponsor, what are fans getting for their £45? A multi-colouring of sky blue shoulders. We’re yet to see the away kit.

Burnley 2021/22 home kit
Burnley 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

9) Arsenal

The Gunners have gone for the red apron look this season with white sleeves and flanks – a design that screams Subbuteo template. It’s a classy home shirt – much nicer than they’ve had in recent years – while the crest of the melon away shirt is the Arsenal cannon.

Arsenal transfer news
Arsenal 2021/22 home kit (GETTY) Getty Images

Apparently it’s “inspired by the past, ready for the future”. A shame, though, about the Arthurian font used for the player names and numbers.

Arsenal 2021/22 away kit
Arsenal 2021/22 away kit (AFC)

8) Aston Villa

Still Kappa; still Cazoo; still sky blue shoulders; still claret body. There’s very little difference between the Aston Villa 2021/22 home shirt and last season’s. In fact, bar a tweaked collar and thicker printed stripes, there’s no difference.

Aston Villa 2021/22 home kit
Aston Villa 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The away kit, however, has enjoyed a refresh and the claret pinstripes on the white body add a classy touch. Much nicer than the home offering.

Aston Villa 2021/22 away kit
Aston Villa 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

7) Everton

The tyre stripe running up Everton’s white third shirt screams too much of a backslap to their sponsor Cazoo. And the black away shirt with deep red sash is quite forgettable. But Hummel has done very well with the home offering.

Everton 2021/22 home kit
Everton 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

A typical royal blue shirt is cut up by a layered material imprint.

Everton 2021/22 away kit
Everton 2021/22 away kit (EFC)

As for the goalkeeper shirt, we’ve a potential retro classic on our hands here. Take a look for yourself!

Everton 2021/22 goalkeeper kit
Everton 2021/22 goalkeeper kit (EFC)

6) Leicester City

Some classic white trim for Leicester and a patterned blue home shirt puts them up there as one of the better efforts from adidas this season.

Leicester 2021/22 home kit
Leicester 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The turquoise checkered away kit isn’t bad either. A shame, perhaps, that their new sponsor takes so much attention away from the details.

Leicester 2021/22 away kit
Leicester 2021/22 away kit (LCFC)

5) Chelsea

Can someone at Nike design a Chelsea kit that minimises the enormous 3 sponsor that took over the 2020/21 home and away shirts? No. The 3 is just as massive – berthed on the chest like a Roman Abramovich super yacht in Monte Carlo harbour. Nike has kept the same royal blue home shirt and imprinted a chequered and zaggy-lined pattern into the material.

Chelsea 2021/22 home kit
Chelsea 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

The pinstriped lemon away offering, meanwhile, is rich and simple. Stylish – bar the disappointing collar.

Chelsea 2021/22 away kit
Chelsea 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

4) Liverpool

We were all praying that Nike would get rid of that ridiculous overlap at the back of the collar – and mercifully it has. Liverpool’s home shirt is typical blood red with diagonal pinstripes, while the material has a looped print. The shirt has “been constructed with 100 per cent recycled polyester fabric” made from plastic bottles.

Liverpool 2021/22 home kit
Liverpool 2021/22 home kit (LFC)

The away kit, meanwhile, is a feast for the eyes. With a colour palette akin to the 1996/97 season, the cream body is accompanied by green and red trim. Liverpool’s third kit is yet to be released.

Liverpool 2021/22 away kit
Liverpool 2021/22 away kit (LFC)

3) Crystal Palace

The Eagles love a good sash and Puma has delivered – sort of. Palace’s home shirt is a blue and red diagonal striped number that fans should warm to over the course of the season.

Crystal Palace 2021/22 home kit
Crystal Palace 2021/22 home kit (CPFC)

The yellow away shirt is nothing particularly special, but Palace’s third kit is “based on the colours and design worn by the first team from the Crystal Palace Club in 1861".

Crystal Palace 2021/22 away kit
Crystal Palace 2021/22 away kit (GETTY)

Half blue, half white, it certainly grabs the attention – especially as the Premier League has been deprived of Blackburn Rovers for a decade now.

Crystal Palace 2021/22 third kit
Crystal Palace 2021/22 third kit (GETTY)

2) Manchester United

TeamViewer may have hoped for something a bit more eye-catching as they take over from Chevrolet as Manchester United’s shirt sponsor. But actually the United home kit is sleek in a way that could turn it into a classic. A nice, thick white collar harks back to the 1970s kits made famous by Sir Bobby Charlton and the like. It’s simple.

Manchester United 2021/22 home kit
Manchester United 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

As for the away kit, adidas appears to have pinched the shoulder pattern from Burnley’s home template and splashed it. The light blue and white is actually not a bad-looking kit – and with the deep red trim, writing and badge, it could become a United classic, much like the 1990-92 version that inspired it.

Manchester United 2021/22 away kit
Manchester United 2021/22 away kit (MUFC)

1) West Ham

We’re back to classic 1990s West Ham with a home kit that features a sharp-edged light blue shoulder and cotton collar. This home shirt could have Dr Martens splashed across the chest, it’s so akin to the 1999 shirt.

West Ham 2021/22 home kit
West Ham 2021/22 home kit (GETTY)

A very nice home kit is backed up by an Argentina-style blue and white striped away number akin to that worn in the early ‘90s. Umbro has done very well here.

West Ham 2021/22 away kit
West Ham 2021/22 away kit (WHUFC)

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