In the past 18 months, women's football has soared to unprecedented levels. With sold-out stadiums and ground-breaking achievements, the women's game is experiencing exponential growth, driven by players who have earned acclaim as some of the world's finest.


Evaluating the preceding year and the initial half of the ongoing 2023/24 season, we've curated a list of the top 10 footballers as of 2024, scrutinising individual achievements, on-field performances, team contributions, and impacts in both club and national realms.

Honourable mentions must go to Mapi Leon, Patri Guijarro, Kadidiatou Diani, and Lena Oberdorf, all of whom merit top 10 consideration; however, they narrowly miss the cut for this elite selection. rounds up the 10 best women's football players in the world in 2024.

Best women's football players 2024

10. Lauren James

Lauren James smiles and celebrates a goal for Chelsea
Lauren James. Getty Images

At 22, James continues to dazzle for both her club and country, establishing herself as one of the most formidable forwards globally. James shone as a breakout start during the 2023 World Cup and has secured an indispensable spot in Emma Hayes's Chelsea squad.

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Consistently earning praise from the manager for her tenacity, her England teammates also coined her a "cheat code" due to her exceptional knack for penetrating opponent defences.

9. Mary Earps

Mary Earps shouts at her Man Utd defence
Mary Earps. Getty Images

Awarded 2023 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Earps showcased peak performance, propelling Manchester United into Europe for the first time. Throughout the World Cup, she maintained a streak of remarkable displays, highlighted by a big penalty save in the final.

Earps's journey of development has continued to persist, rightfully earning her the accolade of the top-ranked goalkeeper for 2023.

8. Fridolina Rolfö

Fridolina Rolfo chases a ball for Barcelona
Fridolina Rolfo. Getty Images

When the Swede hits her peak, her pace, strength, and directness down the left flank are unstoppable. Rolfö's versatility is equally impressive. Not many players excel in two positions, but she effortlessly transitions between left-back for Barcelona and left-winger for Sweden.

With her exceptional contributions to Barcelona's victories in both the Liga F and the Champions League, she proves to be an indispensable force, integral to the success of her teammates. Although a long-term injury may have interrupted her 2023/24 season thus far, there's no doubt she'll be eager to return to action once she's back on the field.

7. Caroline Graham Hansen

Caroline Graham Hansen in action for Barcelona
Caroline Graham Hansen. Getty Images

It's truly remarkable that Graham Hansen doesn't receive the level of individual acclaim she deserves. Few players in the world possess the innate ability to conjure scoring opportunities seemingly out of thin air, quite like the Norway winger.

Off the back of a disappointing World Cup campaign, the 29-year-old is revitalised. Her impact on the pitch has been undeniable, boasting an impressive tally of seven goals and 11 assists in her initial 10 outings for the club. This remarkable performance not only showcases her extraordinary skill but also underscores her significance as a dynamic force within the team.

6. Linda Caicedo

Linda Caicedo in action for Real Madrid
Linda Caicedo. Getty Images

The Colombian forward became a focal point of attention in the lead-up to the summer World Cup, and rightfully so. Her reputation preceded her, owing to her relentless knack for scoring spectacular goals.

At 19, her high-profile transfer to Real Madrid sent shockwaves through fans, igniting excitement to witness her prowess on the world stage, and her bold and instinctive style of play consistently left defenders in her wake during the tournament. It's evident that Caicedo's star is on the rise, and her impact on the global footballing landscape is bound to be felt for years to come.

5. Alexandra Popp

Alexandra Popp looks down as she runs for Germany
Alexandra Popp. Getty Images

At 32 years old, the enduring reliability of Popp for a footballing powerhouse like Germany speaks volumes about her indispensable skills and unwavering commitment to the game. Throughout her career, Popp has been a consistent presence on the pitch, serving as a vital figure for both her club and country.

Popp possesses a remarkable capability to excel under immense pressure whilst being able to lift those around her to seek new heights. While the World Cup may not have unfolded as brilliantly as she had hoped, Popp remains a formidable force in women's football, leaving an indelible mark on the sport with her skill and tenacity.

4. Salma Paralluelo

Salma Paralluelo clenches her fists to celebrate a goal for Barcelona
Salma Paralluelo. Getty Images

In 2022, former 400m runner Paralluelo made her debut for Barcelona. Two weeks later, she marked her debut for Spain with a remarkable hat trick. Since then, accolades have continued to pour in. Emerging as one of the revelations of the 2023 World Cup, the 20-year-old consistently outperformed even the most formidable defences with her clinical skill.

Her scoring spree seems unstoppable, with Paralluelo already tallying 20 goals this season for Barcelona, securing victories and titles along the way.

3. Keira Walsh

Keira Walsh stands over the ball for Barcelona
Keira Walsh. Getty Images

Since the 2022 Euros propelled her into the spotlight, the Barcelona midfielder has soared on a rocket-like trajectory. After making her mark in the Lionesses squad, she has become an indispensable and essential figure in England's midfield.

Garnering praise following her move to Spain, Walsh's sharp vision, unwavering determination, and commanding presence rightfully secured her a spot in the FIFA Women's World XI.

2. Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr in mid air as she performs a flip to celebrate a goal
Sam Kerr. Getty Images

It speaks volumes about Kerr's prowess as a striker that even in a year where she didn't quite reach her usual extraordinary heights, she remains recognised as one of the top three footballers globally. A calf injury disrupted her home World Cup campaign, yet she still managed to deliver a goal worthy of a Puskas nomination against England in the quarter-final.

The first half of Chelsea's season saw Kerr in peak form before an unfortunate anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury ended her season prematurely.

1. Aitana Bonmati

Aitana Bonmati runs with the ball for Barcelona
Aitana Bonmati. Getty Images

Bonmati has enjoyed an unparalleled year of triumph, achieving what no other male or female player has accomplished before, clinching victory in the Champions League, World Cup, and Ballon d’Or within the same calendar year.

She showcased her prowess as the standout player for Barcelona, leading them to victory in Liga F and the Champions League last season. She also shone as the linchpin for Spain during their triumphant World Cup campaign. At 26 years old, she possesses an unrivalled ability to control matches, seldom relinquishing possession, and demonstrates remarkable agility in navigating the most challenging situations.


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