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Neighbours' Susan Kennedy harrowingly targeted by mystery resident

The drama from Finn's actions continue to cause problems for those at Number 28

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Published: Tuesday, 14th April 2020 at 6:13 pm

Once beloved by almost everyone on Ramsay Street, Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) has found that her popularity has taken a beating in recent weeks following Finn's murderous rampage.


Susan, of course, made the decision to allow Finn to move in with them when he lost his memory, thanks in no small part to Elly who supported the idea.

But while Elly has problems of her own, such as facing a lengthy prison stint for the murder of Finn that she didn't commit, it's Susan that is getting most of the blame from the neighbourhood over all that happened.

And now it seems someone is set on making sure she knows that she is on their hit list.

When the Kennedy/Conway family return home, they are stunned to see that someone has been in the house - and left the place in a state.

The police are immediately called and, thinking it must be related to the Finn case, detectives Mark and Sky begin asking who could be responsible.

Despite not wanting to name her, they have to mention that Sheila is a possibility given how she has been lately following Gary's murder, and how she once left a pig's head in Imogen Willis's car when the young lawyer originally took on Finn's case.

But with Sheila already angry beyond words at Susan, how will she react when she is questioned for the break-in? And would she really go to such drastic measures?

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Then there is Finn's mother, Claudia. Whilst she has been playing nice in front of them all, viewers know that she has roped in Kennedy enemy, Sam Fitzgerald, to help ensure that Elly is sent to prison.

It certainly wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that she broke into the house to try and find some evidence that could help the case.

But whoever it was, they were very careful and left no evidence that Mark or Sky can follow.

Could Sheila or Claudia really be responsible for this act of vandalism? And if so, with no evidence left behind, will they ever be found out?


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