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Neighbours spoilers: Ned’s in danger and Finn has a dangerous memory

Ned steps in to danger

Neighbours spoilers
Published: Sunday, 16th February 2020 at 9:00 am

Events move fast in Neighbours, but thankfully we’ve got you covered with our helpful guide to what’s coming next in Erinsborough.


Here’s every spoiler you need to know for Neighbours:

Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February

Ned tries his best to protect Yashvi

Neighbours spoilers Ned
Neighbours spoilers: Ned in danger

Ned has been plagued by this Zenin horror for the past couple of weeks and still, he isn’t safe with Yashvi. With criminals still on the loose, he sets about keeping his missus safe. With his brain going into overdrive, even a rogue phone call Yashvi gets prompts him to suspect the worst: Is she working with Zenin?

In a bid to find out from the horse’s mouth, Ned goes on a mission to find Zenin, but actually ends up in the middle of a police raid as the force tries to pin down the slippery villain.

Thankfully for Ned, Detective Mark Brennan is back in town and now he’s back in the force is conveniently in the right place at the right time. But much to Yashvi’s surprise, Mark thinks it’s actually a good idea to question Ned for his part in the showdown – after all, could he be hiding something?

Lucy Robinson returns and Terese thinks about a career move

Neighbours spoilers Lucy
Neighbours spoilers: Lucy returns

Chloe has been working very hard to keep her job at Lassiters, much to the annoyance of boss, Paul Robinson. He’s been out to sabotage her for a while now, and it seems things will turn drastic when his little girl, Lucy arrives to take over the torturing. Paul, of course, didn’t warn her, and the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree with Lucy as she turns in to a thorn in Chloe’s side. But Lucy does have a point – Lassiters is nowhere near operating at its potential and they need to improve it or it won’t just be Chloe who’s gone.

Meanwhile, Lucy’s eye is caught by Terese, when she sees just how well she cleared up that mess at the Buddy Club with her excellent PR skills. Much to Paul’s delight, Lucy makes Terese an offer she can’t refuse, but will she?

Terese finds herself torn as she wonders whether she should leave her role at the Foundation. A quick chat with Toadie gives her the push she maybe needs, but will she accept? For poor Chloe, it seems the end is nigh as she’s dragged into a meeting with Paul and Lucy – but will he time at Lassiters be up?

Jane comes closer to the truth about Richard

Neighbours spoilers Jane
Neighbours spoilers: Jane digs about Richard

Poor Jane has been fairly unlucky in love since she found herself duped by online lover, Richard. She’s desperate to know who the mystery man is comes pretty close to the truth. When in Erinsborough High, Jane starts snooping through some of the kids’ files – GDPR anyone? – and thinks she’s close to the truth. But she’s caught by eagle-eyed Susan and has to very stickily manages to get herself out of some serious trouble.

Jane snoops in Richie’s bag and finds a poem which triggers something within her. She pulls him to one side and starts to question him about his personal life. But naturally, the teen doesn’t want to give anything up, so Jane gives him detention as a way of ensuring they have to spend time together. But will she get the answers she wants?

Finn gets a disturbing memory

Neighbours spoilers Finn
Neighbours spoilers: Finn gets a worrying memory

Is-he-isn’t-he bad boy Finn is toiling with his memory at this moment, and it seems things are starting to come to a head – well, his head. In a moment of passion, Finn and Elly kiss and while butterflies fill her tummy, worry fills his. He starts to remember something from before his amnesia, in particular when he was a certified villain. He’s obviously left reeling from the incident and pushes Elly to storm out of the house.

They sit down for a chat later on and agree to forget what happened – probably the best considering Finn really used to be a nasty piece of work and he really hurt Elly. However, Finn can’t quite shake his guilty feeling and wonders whether he can be around Elly at all without his villainous past creeping back to him.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough…

Neighbours spoilers Roxy
Neighbours spoilers: Roxy plans a naked brunch

Hendrix comes to terms with the loss of his cat, Clementine, and it all comes about from a playful skit with Harlow. He’s furious with her and insists she must have caused it on purpose, but Harlow tries to make it up to him.

Rebellious Roxy comes up with the genius idea of a naked brunch at The Waterhole – what could possibly go wrong?!

Little Aster’s naming day celebrations get thwarted as barely anyone wants to celebrate with Elly. Only Finn is around, but with his mixed feelings towards Elly, will it just be mother and child at the party?


Neighbours airs weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm 


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