Neighbours spoilers: Finn targets Susan as the post-anniversary drama continues

This is just the beginning...


Following on from the death and destruction that took place on the island during the big 35th anniversary week, Neighbours moves onto the aftermath.


But, don’t assume that means things are quietening down as this week kicks off with one of the most dramatic episodes the show has ever seen.

Here are just a few things you can expect…

Content by Joe Julians

A Susan/Finn Two-Hander

Neighbours Finn and Susan
Neighbours’ Finn and Susan

Kicking off the week is an episode that only features Susan and Finn (alongside baby Aster) as the two embark on a road trip that quickly turns into an ordeal for everyone’s favourite principle. Trapped with Finn and forced to tread extremely carefully, Susan knows that one wrong move could result in her death. As she learns more about what happened on the island, she realises how far Finn has fallen and after one wrong move, he makes plans to take her out of the picture permanently.  Whilst she is eventually saved by Elly, there are many more twists and turns to come with this story in the coming weeks. Things won’t be the same again.

It’s a Busy Time at Erinsborough Hospital

Neighbours, Jemma Donovan
Neighbours’ Harlow

As the horror of what happened on the island reaches Erinsborough, those who survived return in varying states of health. Most need to be seen for shock, Bea needs surgery on a broken leg, Toadie needs care following the brutal attack he endured, but worse off than anyone is poor Harlow. The snake bite, and how long it took her to be seen, have left her in a bad way and all those who care about her can do is wait as she is placed in an induced coma. As for Hendrix, despite his desire to stay by her side, he is warned away by Paul who blames him for where she is now. But will Hendrix do as he is told?

Ramsay Street Plays the Blame Game Over Finn

Neighbours Finn and Susan
Neighbours’ Finn and Susan

Now that Finn regaining his memory is public knowledge, those close to him begin looking at their own actions and what they could have done differently. One person taking this to heart is David who had been working with him for months to assess his mental state. Shocked that he could have missed such a dramatic downfall, he starts to doubt whether he is cut out for the career that he wants- something that isn’t helped when he makes another mistake at the hospital. Meanwhile, certain Ramsay Street residents are dealing with the news that loved ones won’t be coming home and for some, the blame lies only one in place- the Kennedy doorstep.

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