There's nothing quite like Paul Robinson (played by Stefan Dennis) when he's on the warpath, and he's got a very good reason to be in the new, rebooted series of Neighbours.


Following the shock reveal that he's no longer with Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) as she's gone off with Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney), many will be wondering quite how Paul will react - after all, he doesn't usually go down without a fight.

Speaking to, Dennis and his on-screen son Tim Kano (who plays Leo Tanaka) opened up on hearing about the story, and how the father and son duo are not to be messed with.

Kano said of the first time he heard about the twist: "It definitely would've affected Steffy more than most of us, but we were really excited because we were so stunned by it."

Dennis added: "It was like, 'Bang!' A whole new dimension of storyline for a majority of characters - we've hit the ground running with the storylines."

When asked if Terese and Toadie should be worried about the fearsome duo, Kano teased: "They definitely should, especially as being on Paul's bad side isn't a good place to be."

Dennis added: "You should always be worried about Paul at some stage."

With Leo clearly emerging as Paul's little apprentice (and showing signs of the villain himself), how does he react to what's happening to his dad?

"I think he's feeling really bad for Paul because he knows the chemistry between Paul and Terese. It's about supporting him, and what's awesome is the other family members coming back and rallying around Paul.

"It's about keeping a watchful eye and making sure he doesn't do anything to derail himself," Kano explained.

Dennis added: "Leo is one of the very few people in the world, probably with Terese, who can actually tell Paul to rein it in."

But what's Paul's plan going forward - as we know, he always does have a plan - is he trying to get back at Terese, or get her back full stop?

"Guys seem to have it in their head, particularly if they're dumped, they know how to get the woman back," Dennis explained. "So they're really nasty and that'll make them love them more... That's what Paul does."

Watch out, Terese!

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