Neighbours star says Hendrix would be “unpredictable” if he and Harlow split

"She's the brains of the operation."

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In true Neighbours fashion, it took a while for Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) and Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) to act on the feelings they had for each other.


But since they did, they have been going from strength to strength with Hendrix, in particular, really coming into his own and showing a caring side as the supportive boyfriend- which is handy as Harlow has had a rough 2020 following the explosion that killed her mother.

But if the popular couple were to split, Benny Turland thinks that we could see Hendrix revert to his more troublesome ways.

Speaking exclusively to, Turland said: Harlow has always been the brains of the operation. There’s not a lot of thinking that goes into Hendrix’s actions, so Harlow has been a good balance for that. She’s brought him down to earth a bit and I think if they were to break up, a lot of the time he pursues his actions through his emotions, so he would probably just take off and he would be so unpredictable. He really likes her so if they broke up, he would go crazy.”

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“He’s already matured a lot,” Turland added about the growth of his character. “Lately, he really falls into this nice place of being the sensible, mature one; the parent in the family almost. It would be nice to see him fall into his emotions again and unleash. I feel like there might be something like that coming along. He likes to act like he’s all cool and strong, but when you push your emotions down they come back out.”

Admitting the rebellious side of the character can be more fun to play, Benny said: “Serious good guy Hendrix? No one likes that. He’s a lot of fun, especially with the cheekiness and I get to add my own flare and my own take. I love playing Hendrix. It’s so much fun.

There is another lady in Hendrix’s life that we are yet to meet – his sister Alanna who, like the absent Jay Rebecchi has yet to be seen. As for whether we are likely to meet her any time soon, Turland is unsure but would love to see what that dynamic would look like.

“Well, Alanna is still in Sydney. I can’t really answer that as I don’t know myself. It would be exciting (to see her). Neighbours always has something in its back pocket and it would be really interesting and maybe down the track, we’ll see her. Hendrix will have to tell Alana what all the fuss has been about in the last year and that would be interesting but I’ve no idea.”


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