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Next week's Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna's new project, Mitchell's still in the closet and Grylver go public - 25-29 November 2019

Will Sid be accepted in the village after his dad's death?

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Published: Sunday, 24th November 2019 at 12:00 pm

The far right storyline has concluded and the racists are gone, but Hollyoaks has spotted the potential of young actor Billy Price and plans are being devised to keep his character Sid Sumner in the village following his extremist dad Stuart's grisly death.


Troubled teenager Sid has distanced himself from the abhorrent views of his father and his nasty friends and wants to move on but, understandably, still finds himself isolated by the mistrustful locals. Even what's left of his family turn their back on him and the lad ends up sleeping rough.

Enter Sienna Blake, whose defining maternal streak overwhelms her once more and she vows to help the lad rebuild his life. Remorseful Sienna knows a thing or two about reforming and reinventing yourself after doing dastardly things (she kidnapped several children and is now a teacher, though I've yet to see her CRB report), could she be the key to Sid's rehabilitation and promotion to full-time cast member?

hollyoaks mitchell

Elsewhere, Mitchell balks at loved-up Scott's suggestion they announce their relationship and move in together, and when mum Martine pops round he hides his boyfriend in the bedroom. Clearly there's no room left in the closet that Mitchell's still residing in.

Another secret romance that does go public this week is Grace and Sylver (#Grylver?!), which predictably goes down like a cup of sick with the rest of the McQueens who think it's distasteful for the pair to flaunt their fling while Mercedes lies in a coma. Sylver may have traded bolshy brunette ballbreaker Mercy for bolshy blonde ballbreaker Grace, but is really over his wild wife?

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This week also sees the return of pariah Maxine, but it remains to be seen if her compulsive lying due to her Munchausen's syndrome diagnosis has subsided. If she starts telling people she's been on holiday to the moon with Elvis and Bagpuss it's time to start worrying.


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