Emotions are running high and families are torn apart in what promises to be a game-changing week of drama in Hollyoaks - including the long-awaited return of local drag queen Anita Tinkle, and a dream sequence dance routine. What more could you ask for? Here's your guide to what's in store between 3rd-7th February 2020:


Scott's ultimatum

hollyoaks scott drinkwell

We're in 'final scene in a romcom' territory as Scott considers leaving the village for a new life in London with lover Azim Desai, and closeted ex Mitchell Deveraux dashes to stop him at the 11th hour. The boys have an emotional exchange among the macchiatos in the Salon de The as tormented Mitchell begs Scott to stay - but when the artiste formerly known as Anita wants them go public with a kiss in full view of the village, will Dr Deveraux finally come out to the world? The taxi is soon waiting, and so are we to see who Scott ends up with.

Dancing dreams

hollyoaks scott drinkwell

There's a sweet, and borderline bonkers, moment on Thursday 6th February's E4 episode which starts with a full-on dance routine music video in the village complete with killer moves and cheesy grins to camera - no, it's not the much-hoped for soap musical episode (after flashbacks, flash forwards and point of view narratives, surely this is can't be far off?), but an optimistic Scott dreaming of living in a world where he and Mitchell are out, proud and accepted.

"We see them dance through the village and bump into various residents," Ross Adams told us. "Damon is there, Cindy, Luke, Mandy, and even Nana McQueen! It's surreal. After my own wedding, filming it was one of my best days ever." Sadly, as we'll see, the reality is quite different…

Meet the neighbours

hollyoaks toby and celeste

Plotting from the sidelines to wreck Mitchell's life, and a catalyst for the carnage that occurs, are creepy couple Toby Faroe and Celeste Faroe. Toby is Mitchell's secret twin given away at birth, all grown up and out for revenge on the mum that rejected him. The Deverauxs have no idea about the newcomer's true identity, and happily accept his invitation to his flat warming party - unaware Toby and his terrifying wife have a secret agenda. Somebody very taken with icy Celeste is impressionable young teen Romeo Quinn: one 'come hither' look from her and all memories of his tragic true love Lily are out the window.

More like this

Stabbing aftermath

hollyoaks nancy

The fallout of the knife attack in Hollyoaks High's playground continues, with Nancy Osborne reeling from her miscarriage and the community convinced troubled teen Sid Sumner knows who was carrying the weapon. Knowing his scally cousin Jordan Price is responsible for bringing the violent drug dealing gang to infiltrate the leafy suburb and turn it into a county lines trafficking hub, Sid is torn between loyalty and duty, while the local parents figure out how to protect their children in light of the incident. We know from the flash forward to December they're fighting a losing battle.

Diane's dilemma

hollyoaks diane

Suave surgeon Edward Hutchinson meddles in his son Tony's marriage to Diane so he can have her for himself, under the guise of helping the pair repair the relationship shattered by the pig farm hostage incident. Telling Tone to man up and make an effort, Edward sits back and waits for his master plan to take shape while his offspring prepares a candlelit meal for two. Diane thinks her husband is finally getting over his PTSD (P as in Pig), but by the end of the week her frustrations boil over that make her question her future…


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