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Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Felix makes a splash and Sienna is back

Plus, Mercedes gets a second chance, and Juliet is worried

hollyoaks Felix westwood
Published: Sunday, 29th March 2020 at 7:30 am

Hollyoaks starts showing three episodes per week instead of five from Monday 30th March (Monday-Wednesday), ensuring the soap keeps on air for as long as possible with filming currently on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.


But don't think that means a reduction in the drama - you'd be surprised what can be packed into three visits to the village. Big developments ahead include the long-awaited arrival of ex-EastEnder Richard Blackwood as Felix Westwood, father to Martine Deveraux's triplets, and the return of Sienna Blake last seen kidnapping her own children. Here's your Hollyoaks spoilers for 30th March-1st April.

Meet Felix Westwood

hollyoaks Felix westwood

Sinister Celeste Faroe has secretly summoned her long-lost dad under false pretences, and his arrival is suitably explosive as Felix walks into a full-on Deveraux ding-dong and gets a punch in the face from old flame Martine. Sounds like a fairly typical Hollyoaks greeting. Toby and Celeste want answers as to why they were given away at birth to a crazy creepy doctor who raised them in isolation (ahead of their time, clearly), but Mitchell is more open to the idea of having a dad around for the first time in his life. That is until he gets a gift that leaves him unimpressed. As Felix flexes his muscles and surveys his new manor, he crosses paths with a local that could spark another blast from his past…

Warren gets a shock

hollyoaks warren fox

It's not just the Deveraux clan who are surprised to see Felix, as Foxy's face falls and he's forced to do a double take when he sees the assured alpha male roaming around. This may just be because he's seen him on EastEnders and is concerned for his status as 'hardest man in the village', but eagle-eyed viewers may be able to work out the real reason - is Felix that same nasty bully Warren grew up with in the children's home who made his life a misery? Small world, eh?

Sienna comes home

hollyoaks Sienna returns

Warren's having quite an eventful week, as baby mama Sienna comes home with twins Sophie and Sebastian. In the merry-go-round of 'Who's snatched the kids now?' it became Ms Blake's turn to take her children into hiding from the other parent, and she's been laying low trying to get sickly Sebastian treatment for his leukaemia. Turns out there's a bone marrow match in Hollyoaks, proving you never need to go on location, so she's back - just as boyfriend Brody Hudson is snuggling up to her sister, and their surrogate, Liberty Savage. The messy love triangle will hopefully resolve itself as we all know bawling Brody and intense Sienna belong together - lighthearted Lib would soon get bored of the bearded buff boy's constant brooding.

Mercedes and Sylver reunited

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen

There's nothing like a near-death experience to reignite dormant passion, is there? Who hasn't been held at gunpoint by a mad man then threatened with being thrown down some steps into a dark cellar, and survived the experience to realise they're still in love with their estranged hubby who was accused of trying to bump you off? No? Just Mercedes McQueen, then, as that's the predicament which pushes her back into the trunk-like arms of Sylver McQueen after Liam Donovan's death at his own devil's dinner party. Friend-with-benefit Warren steps aside to allow the landlady to reconnect with her true love, but we're not expecting dumped Grace Black to give them her blessing as she was already ordering monogrammed bath robes with 'Mrs Grace McQueen' stitched on them.

Juliet gets cold feet

hollyoaks Juliet nightingale

While one couple float back together another are drifting further apart: juvenile drug czar Juliet Nightingale is blowing hot and cold with boyfriend Sid Sumner leaving the sensitive school boy baffled. Turning to cool cousin Jordan Price for help in organising a romantic trip away with his girlfriend, Sid hopes him and Juliet get some alone time while she masks her lack of enthusiasm. Her furtive, longing looks to Peri Lomax, and the nagging spectre of the flash forward to December where the ladies were declaring their love for each other, might explain it…


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