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Pete will frame Ross for stealing, reveals Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan

As Pete grows increasingly jealous of Debbie and Ross, he ends up taking drastic action logo
Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 at 8:50 am

Pete Barton is to set Ross up for a fall next week after growing increasingly suspicious of his brother's closeness to Debbie.


With mum Emma stirring from the sidelines, Pete will be seen confronting Debbie and demanding to know whether she's sleeping with Ross.

Debbie does her best to deflect his jealousy, but Pete fails to be convinced. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Pete ends up framing his brother for stealing before sitting back to watch things blow up in Ross's face.

"He's massively jealous of Debbie and Ross," admits Anthony Quinlan, who plays Pete. "Debbie says that there's no point in them being together if Pete doesn't believe her. But Debbie's concern for Ross during his recent bare-knuckle fight raised a few questions for Pete. He doesn't like what he sees, so he decides to frame Ross. Pete takes the money that Zak won from the fight and stitches Ross up."

Scenes to be broadcast on Tuesday 9 June see Pete hiding the cash in Ross's car, leaving it there for the rest of the Dingles to find. Pretty soon, Cain and Zak are baying for Ross's blood, but when Debbie confronts Ross about the theft, he denies having committed it.

However, it doesn't take long for them to realise that Pete is the one behind the stitch-up. Surely, with so much animosity between Pete and Ross, a showdown must be on the cards? And would Quinlan relish the opportunity to not play the nice guy and go toe to toe with his screen brother?

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"It would be a nice opportunity. We have seen glimpses into Pete’s past where he has done certain things. But it will be interesting to see him go over the edge."

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