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Kim and Joe in Tate showdown? Emmerdale’s Claire King teases “explosive” meeting

Will the characters share the screen now we know Joe’s alive?

Published: Tuesday, 9th April 2019 at 12:00 am

Emmerdale star Claire King is calling for a showdown between her conniving character Kim Tate and step grandson Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) following the revelation the absent playboy is still alive.


Joe’s fate was recently confirmed when it transpired he is still alive five months after he was seemingly killed off by Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley).

The mystery of his mortality was solved as Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) finally confessed he had let his employer escape when he survived Cain’s attack in October 2018, fleeing the clutches of step grandmother Kim who had ordered a hit on the hunk for double crossing her.

CCTV from a Monte Carlo cashpoint showed the Tate tycoon was still with us, much to fuming Kim’s annoyance who berated Graham for hiding the truth, but putting Cain out of his misery as he realised months of tormenting himself for being a murderer were all for nothing.


Despite their vendetta fuelling the storylines, Kim and Joe never actually shared a scene together as he disappeared as she returned last autumn after almost 20 years away.

Now it’s known Joe is out there somewhere, would King like him and Kim to come face to face?

Is Ned Porteous returning to Emmerdale as Joe Tate?

“I can’t see him coming back in the foreseeable future,” the actress tells, “but if he did come back and they saw each other I imagine it would quite explosive, wouldn’t you?

“Kim and Joe are cut from the same cloth, and he was from the other side of the Tate family that Kim did not get on with.”


The Tate totty vacancy is about to be filled by Kim’s estranged son Jamie, who arrives on screen soon and will be played by TV newcomer Alexander Lincoln, who is set to make his debut in the coming weeks.

“Kim and Jamie have been estranged since she went to prison six years ago and she sent him away to public school. He never visited her and doesn’t like the way she acts, as lots of people don’t!

She is desperate to see him again, particularly with Joe out of the picture as it leaves a vacant space for a nice new hunk!”


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