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Did Dawn just attack Harriet on Emmerdale?

The village vicar was assaulted and robbed tonight

Published: Saturday, 6th April 2019 at 7:42 am

Emmerdale's Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) has just been attacked and robbed in tonight's episode - with an angry Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) prime suspect for the crime. The village vicar was seen getting pushed to the ground by a mystery assailant and a bag she was carrying filled with donations for a homeless charity snatched from her grasp. Will Dawn having openly argued with Harriet prior to the assault, viewers will no doubt now put her in the frame.


Why did Harriet and Dawn argue?

Friday's episode saw Harriet work out that Dawn had deliberately sabotaged Aiesha's work in order to get her the sack from the factory. Dawn's view on the matter was that Aiesha didn't really want the job anyway, whereas she is in desperate need of money, so that she can get son Lucas back in her life. Dawn then confided in Ryan that she intended to come clean about her actions, but before she had the chance to do so, Harriet revealed the truth to the Sharmas. In a showdown at the Woolpack, Jai ended up reinstating Aiesha and sacking Dawn, who then blasted Harriet for blabbing.


Who else could have attacked Harriet?

Emmerdale hasn't yet amassed a long list of suspects, however most villagers will have witnessed Harriet collecting for charity throughout the day. And both Gabby and Laurel were in Harriet's company when she revealed that she wouldn't be banking the donations until the following day. Might one of them have taken advantage? It would certainly be out of character for Laurel, but Gabby is no stranger to a spot of duplicity.


What happens to Harriet and Dawn next week?

Early next week, PC Swirling will be seen conducting an interview with Harriet about the attack, but she's clearly fed up with some villagers suspecting that Dawn is involved. When the local copper then quizzes Dawn about her actions, she realises she's under suspicion.

Later on, Harriet is left feeling vindicated when even Pearl end up being won over by Dawn's genuine concern for her welfare; however, Bob is still not convinced. And, as it turns out, the persecution of Harriet is far from over. Expect the vicar to be left spooked when she comes downstairs at home to find the back door open and a photo smashed.


The next day, things get even more tense when a rattled Harriet discovers that somebody has thrown red paint all over the church pulpit. Just who could have it in for her?


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