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Emmerdale star reveals how long they've known the truth about Joe Tate's fate

News spreads that Joe is still alive as Graham reveals all

Published: Tuesday, 2nd April 2019 at 6:02 pm

The residents of Emmerdale are reeling as the truth about Joe Tate is finally revealed this week when Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) tells the police the missing tycoon is still alive, risking the wrath of lover Kim Tate (Claire King) and putting Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in a spin.


Conniving Kim is playing a dark and dangerous game with Cain whereby she's made an indecent proposal that he sleeps with her or she'll make sure he goes down for killing Joe, as Mr Dingle still believes the hunky Tate tycoon died as a result of their fight on the day he fled the village to escape step granny Kim's hit.

Graham thinks this is too much, and decides to stop Kim's plan in its tracks by admitting the truth about his surrogate son to the cops. "Graham actually feels Cain has been pushed too far and wants to protect him from Kim's games," reveals Scarborough. "He is also unnerved when Kim suggests she might arrange to try and kill Joe for real, so Graham reckons if he makes the truth public then she can't go through with it in a secretive way.

"Graham goes to the police station and tells them Joe is alive, and gives them the evidence of the picture of him withdrawing cash in Monte Carlo and supplies proof he's been using his bank account."

Scarborough acknowledges this puts his alter ego in Kim Tate's bad books - not a place anyone wants to be… "If you have any association with Kim then you're always looking over your back," he smirks. "She is the kind of woman to follow through on any threats. But he feels uncomfortable about the indecent proposal she's made to Cain, he's jealous but more hurt than anything. For whatever reason, Graham is deeply in love with Kim!"


Does Cain end up forced to sleep with Kim?

Cain ends up spurning Kim's advances, but wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) is left with serious questions as to how her husband gets his name cleared once the truth about Joe is made public - what if Cain does go through with bedding the blonde bombshell?

"That would surprise Graham," says Scarborough. "He has a lot of respect for Cain and he'd have to point out this would make him trapped by Kim." The toxic Mrs Tate makes Moira mad by telling her that Cain went through with their saucy deal, but will her lies wreck the Dingles' marriage?


The ambiguity surrounding Joe's exit in October 2018 when it appeared Graham had finished the job Cain started has been a talking point right up among fans right up until it was confirmed last week the character had survived - having sat on the secret for months, Scarborough is relieved it's out in the open at last.

"I always knew Joe was still alive and was getting tired of being asked all the time, and being accused of murder! Kim ordered Graham to bump off Joe but when Cain thought he'd killed him, Graham saw an opportunity to cover up his own cover up. He let Joe go, but when you saw Graham with the gun it was to protect him so he could get away safely, but he reckoned if Kim returned she might hear on the grapevine Cain was up for murdering Joe to deflect attention from Graham.

"Graham and Kim have this very strange relationship that goes back years, I think they both have dirt on each other but she has the upper hand as she's got the money. But Graham is pretty clever and I think he could turn against her if pushed too far. There's a possibility of that."


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