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4 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Vanessa has a meltdown, plus Dawn struggles with Lucas

And Mandy opens up about her past with Paul

Published: Saturday, 18th April 2020 at 6:45 am

Fans of #Vanity should brace themselves: Emmerdale’s favourite couple are about to be put through the emotional wringer when Vanessa’s drunken night out has big repercussions.


And it's a big week for Dawn, who struggles with her boy, Lucas.

Find out more in the latest batch of storyline spoilers covering the week of Monday 20th to Friday 24th of April 2020.

Vanessa’s bender


If their storyline wasn’t so traumatic, I’d be thinking that Charity and Vanessa were in the middle of some fantasy body-swap comedy. Six months ago, if I’d been asked to guess which of the pair would be featured in a widely distributed video on social media showing them getting into a row with a stranger on a boozy night out, I’d definitely have predicted it to be Charity. But Vanessa’s cancer diagnosis has understandably sent her into a tailspin, so much so that there’s now a rift between her and Charity. And it’s set to widen further on Friday when Vanessa makes a big request that leaves Charity faltering.

Dawn needs help


Dawn is having parenting problems – which isn’t much of a surprise seeing as that teddy bear is still declaring “I love you, Lucas” every 10 seconds. Harriet and Will ultimately suggest that Dawn ask the social worker for advice on the issues she has with Lucas. And pretty soon, Dawn is being pointed in the direction of Lucas’s foster parent Carol.

But when Dawn witnesses just how well Lucas gets on with his foster family, she’s left unsure whether having custody of her son is the best option. The next day, when Billy suggests that Dawn reach out to Manpreet for some support, Dawn is left offended. But when he says supportive things about Dawn being an awesome mum, she’s left with fresh impetus to get closer to Lucas.

But might Will end up throwing a spanner in the works? After hearing how Carol’s visit has upset Dawn, he takes action. But what will he end up doing?

Elsewhere on Emmerdale

  • Mandy reveals more of her history with Paul to Lydia, unaware that the man himself is now working at the scrapyard under the nose of an unsuspecting Vinny, who’s unaware that he’s toiling alongside his own dad.
  • Plus Belle is placed in an uncomfortable position when she attends an appointment at the salon, only to realise that Andrea has been booked in at the same time…

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