There's secrecy, lies and a sinister undertone to proceedings in the Dales next week. We also see Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) at war with mum Mary (Louise Jameson) over caring for Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock). Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) is disturbed by the connection between newcomer Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick). What's going on there?


Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) is instructed to do Kim Tate's (Claire King) dirty work, while Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Al Chapman's (Michael Wildman) feud is reignited. Also, Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) continues to give us all chills with his disgusting behaviour, and Amelia Spencer's (Daisy Campbell) new focus has a worrying theme.

Here's all you need to know about Emmerdale for the week of 18th - 22nd April 2022.

1. Rhona clashes with Mary

Rhona is not happy with her mum ITV

As Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt) sets up an Easter Egg hunt for Marlon to watch from hospital, Rhona is thrilled - but later left shocked by how much energy the fun and games have taken from her partner. She is focused on his meeting with the consultant, keen to be able to welcome Marlon home soon; but her mum Mary is more concerned about Rhona's wellbeing.

Rhona fumes when she spots Mary having fun in the pub with Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter), and Mary later suggests that an exhausted Rhona and Marlon spend some time apart. But Rhona is furious at her mum's insensitivity and throws her out. Can Mary put things right?

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2. What is Leyla hiding?

Leyla can't believe her eyes ITV

As Vanessa and Suzy settle in at the Woolpack after a successful date - following a previous disaster involving a damp phone - they are interrupted by Leyla. Leyla is rattled by Vanessa's new bond with Suzy, clearly familiar with the newcomer.

Vanessa is left wondering how the pair know each other, and Suzy tells her it's work-related. But later, Suzy promises a shaken Leyla she will keep her secrets. Just what is the wedding planner hiding, and exactly how huge would the fallout be given the way she is reacting?

3. Jai's dilemma

Kim sets Jai an unpleasant task ITV

Now that Jai has no stake in the business, he is stuck being one of Kim's minions - albeit as manager. This means she can happily instruct him to do her bidding, and this comes in the form of ordering him to sack the part-time staff and rehire them on zero-hour contracts. If he refuses, he'll lose his job - but she offers to promote him if he agrees.

Jai is conflicted, but eventually reveals to a stunned Laurel that he may have to go through with it if he still wants his job. When Kim issues another ultimatum, what will Jai decide? Can he get out of this latest mess?

4. Cain double-crosses Al again

Al realises that Cain has revealed his secret ITV

When Al and Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) share a kiss after she opens up to him about her body confidence issues, Cain overhears their subsequent chat about putting it behind them. Still full of hatred for Al, Cain bumps into Kerry, who mistakenly thinks there's something going on between Al and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

Cain tells Kerry about Priya and Al's charged moment, who pours a pint over Al during his business meeting. meeting eyes with a smug Cain, Al knows it was his enemy who spilled his secret. The two men prepare to go to head to head once again - but where will it end?

5. Noah's behaviour grows worse

Noah's intentions are anything but honourable ITV

Still hoping to win back Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), Noah buys her gig tickets, but is angered to spot her with Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) who is upset over ex Tracy Metcalfe's (Amy Walsh) new romance.

Noah spies on the pair with revenge in mind - but what exactly will he do? There's been a dark undertone to Noah's scenes lately and it's left us wondering just how far the teen will go. Will anyone catch him out? There are already a few villagers aware of his bad behaviour, but how much worse is he set to get?

6. Amelia heads down a dangerous path

Daisy Campbell as Amelia Spencer on Emmerdale
Dan is concerned ITV ITV

Dan (Liam Fox) is worried over daughter Amelia's internet usage and fixation on influencers, following her recent decision to join a gym. This came after nasty Noah used her to win back Chloe, which left her feeling worthless when she is anything but.

But when Dan and his friends try to help with a grand plan, will his efforts succeed, or will Amelia be left unimpressed and end up pushing away his concerns?

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