Emmerdale spoilers for next week: It’s Paddy vs. Chas and Dan is rushed to hospital

More drama from life in the Dales!


The drama continues in the Dales next week with arguments, a relationship stepping up a gear, and a life in danger. Just another week in Emmerdale. Here are some details of what you can expect to see.


Paddy and Chas come to blows

emmerdale paddy

There is some serious tension between Chas and Paddy this week, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Aaron. Not that the arguments stay private for long as the entire pub hears as Chas comes clean and tells Paddy exactly what she thinks of him for leaving Eve alone.

For Paddy, this is a real blow and he makes a hasty exit while beginning to wallow in a state of self-loathing. Aaron and Marlon both do what they can to try and help him realise that punishing himself won’t help matters but unfortunately, things are about to get worse…

Social services arrive at The Woolpack and all Chas can do is to try and cover for Paddy’s absence and when he finds out he missed them; he feels even worse about himself. Has he ruined not only their chances but their relationship too?

Things heat up between Victoria and Luke

Emmerdale Luke and Victoria

It’s been a rocky road for Luke and Victoria, with the two of them only recently deciding to explore the connection they have. This week, things begin to look up- only for them to seemingly fall apart just as quickly. Returning to Keepers after the christening, the two of them soon find themselves taking things to the next level- something that Luke wakes the next day feeling delighted about.

Unfortunately for him, that joy doesn’t appear to be shared by Victoria who can’t hide how awkward she feels about it. Was this too much too soon? And will this put an end to them before they’ve had a chance to really begin?

Dan is rushed to hospital

emmerdale dan spencer reaction

It’s the day of the menu relaunch at the café and Pollard is eager for the day to be one to remember. He gets his wish, but not in the way he had hoped. The problem stems from the decision to have a free bar, something that Dan and Matty take full advantage of.

Following a mistake, Brenda asks Dan to help out by making wraps the following day – while he’s nursing a hangover. When he eats one of them, he quickly has a reaction to it and finds himself in serious trouble. He is rushed to hospital in serious pain – will he pull through?

Belle and Jamie give in to temptation

emmerdale jamie belle

The awkwardness between Jamie and Belle turns into something more this week as the two of them give in to the simmering tension between them. When he admits to her that he is only with Andrea out of guilt, the two of them soon find themselves passionately kissing.

Later, seeing that he has a load of missed calls from Andrea, Jamie’s guilt amplifies. He returns home with a made-up excuse as to why he was late and ends up reciprocating a kiss from her- seemingly about to take things further. How long can he keep what he has done a secret?

Who will Liam choose?

Liam - Emmerdale

Liam finds himself with a choice to make this week, and it certainly won’t be an easy decision for him to make. He and Leyla have an intimate moment interrupted by Jacob and David, and later Leanna becomes convinced something is going on between them when she sees them flirting and doesn’t hesitate in telling Gabby what she knows. When Liam and Leyla try to explain their relationship to the two of them, Leanna issues him an ultimatum- he has to choose between her and Leyla. What will Liam do?


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