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Emmerdale cast teases factory fire death

Accidental arson could have fatal consequences for Tracy

emmerdale amy walsh factory fire
Published: Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 at 7:00 am

Lives are on the line in Emmerdale on Thursday 1st August when a fire breaks out at the factory trapping Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), with the blaze unwittingly caused by Kerry (Laura Norton) and Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson).


The mother/daughter duo accidentally cause the carnage – previewed in a recent trailer – when Kerry sneaks into her place of work and swipes a bundle of charity money. Desperate to pay off a debt collector who comes looking for Amy demanding the cash she owes from when she was living in Belfast, her actions set off a chain of explosive events.

"Amy's past puts her chances of getting custody of Kyle in danger," explains Jamieson. "An ex-partner back in Belfast asked her to take on a loan and this woman has managed to track her down. Now Amy has to somehow find the money."

"Kerry seizes the opportunity and takes the money from the safe," continues Norton. "But Amy points out she's probably been caught on CCTV, so they attempt to return the money then make the really bad decision to sabotage the cameras by stamping all over them and keep the cash – unbeknown to them this results in the equipment catching alight and the spark goes wild."

emmerdale fire week 31

The Wyatt women flee the scene and Amy pays her debt, while a fire soon breaks out back at the factory with terrified Tracy trapped in the store room. Could the girls end up with blood on their hands?

"It would be a tragic accident if someone were to lose their life as a result of what Kerry and Amy do," considers Norton. "If they think they've started the fire, it could be very bad for them. If it turns out they're responsible for something terrible happening there are all sorts of ways of dealing with it – denial, wanting to admit it and do the right thing… The consequences would be huge."

emmerdale amy wyatt kerry wyatt

Emmerdale are staying silent on Tracy's fate, but the investigation into the blaze begins on Friday 2nd August and factory boss Jai Sharma is determined to find out how it happened. Swallowing her guilt, Kerry convinces Amy it's nothing to do with them, but deep down suspects this is a mess of their making.

emmerdale factory fire week 31 aftermath

"They both deal with it in a different way," says Jamieson. "Because Amy and Kerry are very different characters they have different ideas as to how to go about things. Whatever one thinks is the sensible thing to do, the other thinks the opposite. It's very tense."

"I know there's going to be a big fallout from this," says Norton. "There's lots of layers to it. It's exciting to be in the thick of the drama as Kerry is usually being so silly!"


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