Emmerdale teased the reunion of Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and estranged wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) in the second lockdown episode, as Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) made peace with his own heartbreak to push his uptight uncle into an emotional confession.


Wednesday 10th June's instalment of Emmerdale followed the Dingle boys in Aaron's place through a month of isolation in an intense two-hander (Aaron's little sister Liv Flaherty is living there but her absence was explained by her being holed up in her bedroom playing computer games).

Aaron was forced to face up to the end of his marriage to Robert Sugden, currently in jail for murder, when a letter arrived from prison explaining why he told his other half to forget him and move on.

Trying to protect his nephew from more heartache, Cain initially hid the letter, but eventually let Aaron read it and gain some closure after months of torment. Aaron then turned the tables on Cain and made him admit he was still in love with Moira, who cheated on him with long-lost son Nate Robinson.

The shock fling in 2019 divided fans of 'Coira', regarded as one of the soap's power couples, but stubborn Cain's confession he still feels the same about his missus, despite his grumpy denials and refusals to forgive in recent months, gives hope the pair may eventually reunite, which Hordley himself supports.

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"I've love Cain and Moira to be back together," he told RadioTimes.com earlier this year. "I enjoy working with Natalie, we have a shorthand on set with each other so it makes doing scenes with her really easy. It would be nice for them to be together again."

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When Emmerdale gets back on track properly, will we see Cain and Moira romantically reunite? At a safe two-metre distance, obviously…

Speaking about the lockdown episode, the second of six specials that were part of the soap's phased return to work after filming was suspended in March due to the pandemic, Hordley applauds how the script allowed grunting Cain to open up but remain true to his curmudgeonly character.

"It's just not in Cain's DNA to open up to people, but in this episode Aaron carefully constructs a way to try and make him. As the episode progresses we see in fact the pair of them shift from his they are at the beginning of the episode, when Cain is trying to get Aaron to talk. It is cleverly written."

The lockdown specials continue with two more airing next week: the focus moves to Mandy Dingle living in the beauty salon with son Vinny, in which a huge game-changing secret is revealed. The fourth instalment puts the spotlight on bickering couple Jimmy and Nicola King, and the final two instalments transmitting later this month star Chas and Paddy Kirk, and Marlon Dingle, Al Chapman and Ellis Chapman.


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