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Emmerdale: Al Chapman admits to killing Graham - but has Kim Tate been ruled out of whodunnit?

Red herrings aplenty in day one of the soap's murder mystery…

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Published: Monday, 20th January 2020 at 7:25 pm

Emmerdale kicked off it's week-long 'Who kills Graham Foster?' murder mystery on Monday 20th January with the first of six episodes set on the same day told from different points of view.


Kim Tate (Claire King) and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) were the suspects in focus, and viewers saw the village vixen order her employee to bump off her ex-husband.

The toxic Mrs Tate turned nasty when she learnt Graham still planned to leave Emmerdale and flee to France with lover Rhona Goskirk, despite giving Kim the impression there was hope they could rekindle their fiery romance. Plus, she learnt he'd been sneakily stealing cash from the Tate fortune right under her nose.

Desperate for cash to pay off loan shark Sean, who threatened his son Ellis if he didn't repay his debts, Al agreed to be Kim's hitman - for the right price - and set off with murder in mind.

emmerdale kim tate graham foster

Montage, moody music and ambiguous time lapses saw Kim wrestle with her conscience as she waited at Home Farm for word the deed was done, contemplating whether to get Al to call it off.

Viewers then saw Al in the woods under cover of darkness, shining a torch on gruesome Graham's corpse. Mr Chapman then arrived at Kim's place and claimed: "It's done" before demanding his dosh…

With the rest of the week still to go, there is obviously much more to be revealed in what Emmerdale has built up to be a twisty, turny, unique plot full of surprises before the killer is unmasked on Friday 24th January.

emmerdale who kills graham lineup

If you ask us, it appears Al may have stumbled upon the dead body and pretended he's responsible purely so he can pocket the money to protect his son. Would Emmerdale play their hand so early in the week and make Al the murderer?

And unless Kim is later seen slipping out from the big house at some point (the high concept of the plot deliberately plays with normal narrative rules so it's unclear how much time passes between certain scenes), the blonde businesswoman is seemingly ruled out of doing away with Mr Foster herself - although blood may still be on her hands if Al is responsible.

We'd advise theorising in full until later in the week when is more revealed - Tuesday 21st January is from Jai Sharma's point of view, followed by Charity Dingle and Ryan Stocks on Wednesday 22nd January, Thursday 23 January's double bill focusing on Andrea and Jamie Tate, then Marlon Dingle, before we see the fateful day from Graham's own perspective on Friday 24th January…


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