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Who kills Graham Foster? 9 suspects you hadn't considered in Emmerdale's big whodunnit

Joe Tate? Pierce Harris? Little Millie?

emmerdale who kills graham unlikely suspects
Published: Friday, 17th January 2020 at 7:25 pm

Emmerdale have put the pieces in place for their sprawling murder mystery in which Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) is bumped off by one of the many villagers with a grudge against the brooding ex-butler.


Every episode in the week starting Monday 20th January takes place on the same day but is told from the point of view of various suspects, until the big reveal explains everything on Friday 24th January.

emmerdale who kills graham lineup

The soap has given what appears to be a definitive list of seven would-be killers, all with an axe to grind, but what if we're being played by Emmerdale bosses and the official line-up are all red herrings, with the eventual assassin turning out to be someone else entirely? It would ensure maximum surprise value. Here's nine potential murderers you may not have considered…

Joe Tate

emmerdale joe tate

Graham was like a dad to Kim's playboy grandson. When the nasty nana ordered a hit on him for fleecing her, Graham pretended he'd bumped him off but secretly helped the hunk fake his death and last we heard he was lying low in Monte Carlo. Mr Foster's been making mysterious phone calls, could he be calling in a favour to Joe to help aid his escape from the village with girlfriend Rhona? Maybe Joe comes back and betrays Graham to get back in Kim's good books - except it all turns out to be another double bluff and Joe helps Graham fake his death?

Pierce Harris

emmerdale pierce harris

Wild fans theories would have you believe Graham has kept tabs on Rhona's abusive ex who was due for parole recently, having been sentenced to five years for raping his wife back in 2017. Graham would do anything to protect his partner - what if he goes after Pierce to avenge her ordeal and he ends up dead at his hand?

Vanessa Woodfield

emmerdale vanessa woodfield

Ness was aghast at BFF Rhona's decision to do a runner with son Leo and not tell Marlon Dingle she was taking her little boy to live in another country. She doesn't trust Graham one bit and resents him for luring Rhona away - plus her and suspect Charity plan a surprise wedding on the day Mr Foster kicks the bucket… what if she teams up with Marlon and Charity and ends up accidentally causing the death in an argument? And Marlon helps her cover it up?

Pete Barton

emmerdale pete barton

For no other real reason that Anthony Quinlan has quit and is leaving the role soon - Pete's not had much going on of late, but he did used to date Rhona and definitely has her back. If Rhona got cold feet about uprooting Leo from his dad Graham might turn nasty, and the protective farmer may have to step in to save his ex from his wrath and go on the run himself…

Laurel Thomas

emmerdale laurel thomas

Jai Sharma's murderous motive stems from Graham exposing his drug use to partner Laurel Thomas, but we have a theory on a twist: instead of Jai seeking revenge, what if sympathetic recovering alcoholic Laurel takes umbrage at the Foster fiend using her fella's addiction demons against him? They might have a showdown that ends in accidental death.

Ryan Stocks

emmerdale ryan stocks

He's definitely involved through mum Charity Dingle being one of the main suspects. The lairy landlady blames Graham for putting younger son Noah Tate in hospital after taking drugs, and when she learns he's been manipulating eldest offspring Ryan into defrauding Kim she sees red. What if it's Ryan who does the deed and tiger mum Charity takes the blame?

Millie Tate

emmerdale millie tate kim tate

She may seem like a sweet, innocent little thing but it's always a good idea to keep your eye on soap kids during whodunnits (see EastEnders' Bobby Beale). Millie may not be Graham's biological daughter, as was suspected, but his revelation of the one-night stand with her mum Andrea has destroyed her parents' marriage, and she is blood-related to killer Kim Tate - is Millie a mini-murderess in the making?

Noah Tate

emmerdale noah tate

The teen struck up an unlikely friendship with the marked man in black, but Noah is aware how vile Graham's been to mum Charity ever since, calling her every name under the sun and issuing all sorts of threats. Another Tate progeny (his dad Chris was a calculating sort and tried to frame Charity from beyond the grave), what if him and Millie formed a deadly alliance to take down the man threatening their family name?

Belle Dingle

emmerdale belle dingle

Siding with official suspect, and beloved relative, Marlon in a display of Dingle solidarity to stop Graham taking Leo, Belle might be complicit in the crime. She dated demented Lachlan White, and killed her own best friend in the grip of a psychological breakdown. Anything's possible…


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