Ellis KILLS bad boy brother Billy in Emmerdale showdown?

"He's at breaking point and wants Billy gone" reveals Asan N'Jie


The furious feud between Emmerdale brothers Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) reaches crisis point on Thursday 14 February when the boys end up in another fist fight, and Ellis steals his sibling’s van and deliberately speeds towards him – will he kill his own flesh and blood?


“Ellis and Billy’s relationship is the worst it’s ever been,” admits N’Jie. “Just when Ellis had established the dynamics of a new family unit with a little sister in April and Marlon as a father figure, Billy has come back and ruined everything. He’s sick of him being their mum Jessie’s golden boy, and he wants him gone.”

Bad boy Billy confides in Jessie he is doing his best to manage the anger issues that are still plaguing him since his release from prison at Christmas, but Ellis isn’t interested in his bruiser brother’s excuses for his behaviour and tension mounts among the family.

“Jessie continues to favour Billy which riles Ellis up,” continues N’Jie. “Ellis doesn’t trust him because of the things he’s done in the past. I don’t think the rest of the village realises how personal it’s got between the brothers and how much Billy has knocked down everything Ellis has built up since settling in the village.”


And that includes Ellis’s relationship with Victoria Sugden, which keeps stalling due in part to Mr Chapman’s jealousy of her friendship with Billy, as misplaced as it is. “Ellis tries to progress things with Vic but he sees her talking to Billy again next week and gets quite jealous. There is no maliciousness from Victoria, she’s just trying to get the boys to reconnect and, but Ellis sees it as Billy trying to take her away from him.”

Can anyone stop Ellis trying to run Billy over?

When a planned romantic evening with the pub chef goes awry, Ellis sees red as he spots Billy and Vic having another cosy chat and the blokes end up brawling in the street. Jessie is summoned as the confrontation escalates, but there could be no going back for her sons this time…

“Ellis feels such resentment towards Billy at this point he loses it. He steals the keys to Billy’s van and drives towards him, while Billy just stands there! I can’t reveal anything beyond that, but it gets quite heated! I’m not sure if Ellis really means to kill Billy, but he definitely wants to hurt him really bad.”


So far Ellis has been portrayed as the good brother in contrast to jailbird Billy, but next week’s twist could change how viewers perceive him – trying to run over your brother in his van suggests there’s a sinister side to the character… “The truth is Ellis is a genuine guy with a good heart, but the audience will definitely see another side to him after this. He’s no angel.

“I really hope the brothers can bury the hatchet,” shares the actor. “At the end of the day they are family, they are blood.It’s nice to have a sibling looking out for you – and they might need each other one day.”


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