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Kim Tate left for dead in shocking Emmerdale scenes

Surely Kim Tate can't go out like this?

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Published: Tuesday, 15th June 2021 at 11:27 am

One of the biggest Emmerdale talking points of late has been the big mystery of who has been poisoning Kim Tate (Claire King) and she has gone to great lengths to try and find out who is responsible - with the list of suspects worryingly long.


Seemingly ruling himself out of the suspect list is Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) who thinks he has rumbled the guilty party next week and awkwardly, he now assumes it is Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) - his girlfriend, Dawn's (Olivia Bromley) dad!

When he finds Diazepam in Will’s toolbox at Home Farm, he takes that as the evidence he needs that he has found the culprit and all he needs now is for Kim to see it for herself. He takes an opportunity to do some snooping and gets ready to take a photo of the evidence - only to be caught red-handed by a shocked Will.

Jamie tries to come up with an excuse and then makes a quick exit where he heads straight back to Kim to tell her what he has found. Kim is left reeling to think that it was Will and while she cannot wrap her head around it, she knows that she needs to confront him.

She asks him outright why he has Diazepam and her suspicions only increase when he refuses to give her an answer. Now determined to expose him, she tells Jamie that she has come up with a plan to catch him in the act - catching him on camera when he tries to poison her again.

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She wastes little time in putting her plan into action and summons Will to Home Farm in the hope that he will not be able to resist trying to spike her brandy once again. Only things are about to take a dramatic turn and when Jamie returns home he gets the shock of his life.

The police are on the scene and he walks in to see Will being arrested and while that is shocking enough, he is left aghast when he sees Kim on the floor and a body bag being laid out to place her in. After all these years, is this how Kim's story is really set to end?


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