Next week’s EastEnders: Linda is arrested, plus Martin and Ruby get close

All of the upcoming Walford drama

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6029

Fans of EastEnders are currently wondering whether Linda’s alcoholism story signals the end of the Carters’ time in the Queen Victoria. They’re concerned that, should her illicit drinking be exposed, she will no longer want to be a pub landlady. But I think the writers are more concerned with turning Linda into this generation’s Angie Watts than in booting her and husband Mick out of the Vic. And anyway, I seem to recall a little-known sitcom called Cheers that featured an ex-alcoholic who managed to run a bar for 11 seasons.


Time will tell, but can you really imagine Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer being anywhere else but in Albert Square’s beloved boozer? On Monday, though, a hungover Linda won’t be able to pull pints for the punters. Instead after pranging another car while taking son Ollie to school, she’s left humiliated when police officers breathalyse and then arrest her. Will word get back to Mick that she’s fallen foul of the law?

Lisa is looking more swivel eyed by the minute as she tries to convince Phil that Sharon is carrying Keanu’s baby. Taking advantage, Shazzer starts to suggest that Lisa’s mental health is crumbling under the pressure in the aftermath of Mel’s death.


And with Stacey having got herself a new squeeze, a mortified Martin finds solace with Ruby. But making a move on Stace’s mate is surely only going to make matters worse. When Lacey Turner returns from maternity leave, I think we can expect plenty more slaps around the face, both for Martin and her supposed best buddy.