*Warning: Contains spoilers for tonight's EastEnders episode (15th May 2024), currently available on BBC iPlayer.*


Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was left in a perilous situation in the latest instalment of EastEnders, as she went into labour while trapped in a van with her treacherous best friend Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa).

The day began on a positive note, with preparations for Whitney and fiancé Zack Hudson's (James Farrar) 'sten' do well under way at The Queen Vic.

Lauren threw herself into her maid of honour duties, despite her recent fling with the groom!

Whitney arrived early, all dressed up as Angelina Jolie. But as Whit enjoyed the celebrations, her stepmother Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer) knew all about Zack and Lauren's betrayal, and was sickened when Lauren ordered her to steer clear of Whit after their row.

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Bianca warned Lauren to tell Whitney the truth before the party, or she would do it herself.

But as a tearful Lauren, now glammed up as Victoria Beckham's Posh Spice, tried to get the words out in the pub kitchen, she only managed to tell Whitney that she believed Zack wasn't good enough for her.

This was more than enough to upset a heavily pregnant Whit, and Lauren uttered that she was sorry before rushing off, telling Bianca she would have to tell Whit herself.

Bianca, however, found poor Whitney in such a state of distress that she too couldn't bring herself to drop the bombshell, instead assuring Whit that she and Zack were perfect together.

Bianca told a relieved Zack that she would be keeping his secret, and he vowed never to make such a mistake again.

Meanwhile, Lauren told cousin Penny Branning (Kitty Castledine) that she had fallen out with Whitney.

Penny took matters into her own hands to bring the two women back together, locking Lauren and Whitney inside the van Bianca had brought into Albert Square.

A fuming Whitney planned to break down the door to escape, but Lauren urged her to think of her baby, before beginning a confession over her night with Zack.

But she was interrupted when Whitney's waters broke, leaving her terrified as the pair screamed for help.

Will Whitney and Lauren be found before Whit gives birth? And will she work out what Lauren was trying to tell her?

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